Worst Black Friday ever

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  1. So I'm on my 3 rd set of 300% chests n getting kicked out of Kaw again while they go to waste. This is a joke. I got reimbursed for 1 set the rest are in the wind, I know I'm not the only one I see 3 red party apps. Get it together ata cause right now u guys suck.
  2. I’m in the same boat.
  3. Hey cool story bro, it’s not like all of KaW went through the exact same thing you did. But you don’t see 10,000 different forums posts complaining
  4. Because the mods would lock them
  5. Really? I had a pretty good black Friday myself. Woke up at 5 in the morning, went out with my group of friends to bestbuy and picked up a ps4 for 150 bucks with some fun games. Got divinity original sin and need for speed. Ordered a Costco pizza and now watching netflix on the ps4. I'd say it was a pretty great black Friday overall. I'm sorry your black Friday was so pathetic though. Maybe next year eh?
  6. Well my 3 rd crux wasted what a joke I'll just farm now since Kaw robbing me I'll rob ppl so me n Kaw can really stick it to ppl 
  7. Poorly planned. Poorly executed. Just kill the event, shut down the servers, and fix the KaW train wreck. Everyone out BCs, cruxes, seals, etc.
  8. Are the devs beta testing new error messages? I have seen so many new one the last few hours.

    Since black friday event started, kaw is in a mess. Not cool.

    Also I just found out kaw no longer works on Kongregate. First Mochigames, now Kongregate. Clans are not expensive theses days, but I prefer to decide myself which ones I want to keep.
  9. Lol exactly yogurt theres plenty of other things to do i won't let kaw ruin my day :D