worms  (W32SQLEVVORM)

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by -Joe-, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. I started playing again 3 weeks ago! :D

    Maliwan/?MAL? (Edit: the emojis were the orange and blue diamonds, not showing up on forums.)
  2. Knick knack paddywhack give a worm yo bone.

  3. 100% worm here ,cheers 
  4. Lel
  5. I is here still.
  6. T here, glad to see u lassies still around
  7. Any of you guys still around? 
  8. Wormie️️
  9. Isn't hever a fake hever? Sure is a poser.
  10. Wasn't a worm myself but you guys dominated when this game was all about the wars. I would love if we could just like make an old version of kaw back with the estoc trials ? respect worms️
  11. W32_SQLE_WORMIlIlIIIIIlllIIlII reporting for duty!
  12. This seems like a cool roleplay.
  13. Oh i remember worms!

    Best barcoded names ever tbh. Extremely difficult to war against back in early seasons

    Good to see some still around
  14. Thanks

  15. My favorite was our HoG barcodes. They were dope. I still have mine somewhere
  16. I am also still around, long live the WORMS!