World Leaders 3.0: HOTO

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  1. One day someone will take my potato team seriously :cry:
  2. [title=black+red]Htenna[/title]

    ”They have the ability to influence people's minds, nobody truly knows what they are, they can make you go insane, sleep makes it so you aren't fully alert, which is something that they can take advantage of, the only way to remain free from them forever is death.”
    – Harkon, the Emperor

    Kayel, Mistress of the Night
    Ramage, The Animal Assassin
    Giko, The Silent Storm
    Andrea, The Body Fertiliser
    Gamma, The Summoning Witch
    Damien, Curver of Bullets
    Razghul, The Parasite
    Master of the Code

    Yvette, Maker of Runes

    There are those who call us cowards, Slayers of the Night, yet they are the ones who face lesser threats than us. There are much deadlier weapons than those made of steel and magic, weapons that can be used by all, mastered by few, yet frowned upon by most. If you disagree, then please, forward your name and planet to Redrum Palace, and a sentence or two with your rebuttal. We'll make arrangements shortly. And remember, nighty night.
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    I mean game begin.
  4. [title=black+red]Htenna[/title]

    ”They have the ability to influence people's minds, nobody truly knows what they are, they can make you go insane, sleep makes it so you aren't fully alert, which is something that they can take advantage of, the only way to remain free from them forever is death.”
    – Harkon, the Emperor

    Nothing is Personal:
    For now.

    Since We Can’t Talk To You When You’re Dead:

    Walls and Fortresses Cannot Halt Us:
    Metal/Ship Repurposer — Empty (3 turns)
    Animal Facility — Malum (4 turns)
    Arum Weaponsmithing Facility — Hyormi (3 turns)

    Darkness Is Coming:
    You’re lucky this turn.
    Large Numbers Are Not Needed For Warfare — 5 turns

    Your Weapons Give You False Hope:
    May Your Eyes Deceive You — 3 turns
    Where’d I Go? — 2 turns

    Pixelforce — All Your Ports Belong To Us — 2 turns
  5. Have fun everyone! Sorry my Noodles weren't active enough to participate, I didn't want to ruin the fun for everyone else, so I dropped out.
  6. I'm glad AJ. You've taken it to the next level. *moonface*
  7. Sorry to point this out but i'm in the middle of reading this atm and noticed a spelling mistake in The Shards paragraph. "Which would serve as the capitol"
  8. [title=Black+AntiqueWhite]The Tej family[/title]
    If it isn't mine, it will be. Or else it will cease to be.

    1st Turn

    TMV weaponry and armor left behind in Tej barracks to be sold. Accepting bids.

    War/troop movements
    Call put out for local mershiar teams to guard palace. 5B per Squad for 1yr of service.
    Kaist and Warlock Squad sent to [?] to train with noble family there.


    I can science?

    Secret Moves
  9. --The Republic of Charvonia—

    Outlying territories and vassals


    Caesar – SOTA Medical and Cyber offense/defense center. (Functions/Action – Begins work on building a entirely new networking system with Charovnian business.)

    Kirito – SOTA Weapons Testing facility. (Function/Action – Begins testing of the shield-killers. (4T.)

    Asuna – SOTA Communications/War-coordination rooms. (Function/Actions: Operation Emoji. (2T.)

    Lrom – SOTA All-purpose science lab. (Function/Action: Research into deadly gases. – 3T.)



    Hillic publishing co.: Writing books on the inner workings of the VanderHill family, another book on Novan culture. (?B – RNG.)
    Faniron industries – 70B
    Marstar engineering – 90B
    Carlted design - 30B
    Quantum research – 40B
    Taxes – 200B
    To banks - -100

    Family affairs:

    Head family:

    Arch-Duke: Emeth (@ Fheic)
    Arch-Duchess: Amber (@ Fheic)
    Allenden VanderHill - Son. – Fheic
    Flonquie, Gerald, J’vante – Siblings (All on Fheic)
    Kimberly Ross-VanderHill - Mother (@ Fheic, in-charge of flag guard team.)
    Branch heads: Aaron Burns, Gary Ross, Gwendolyn barker, Dobe dash, Royce Rosa. (Fheic)
    Warlords: Ricca, Royce, Enerath Dash, Monstol Dash
    Supreme commander of all military forces: Ted Donnham
    Team Nesom: (8 people)
    Team Mesom: (6 people)

    NV: Continued training with Emeth.
    MV: Continued training with Amber.


    Proposed laws – All companies within VanderHillc territory are required by law to seek and obtain approval before being bought by outside or foreign powers. This law extends out to newly acquired territories.

    TRoC would like to build embassies in all states and nations.
    TRoC would like to extend a hand of friendship to the world. We are open to any and all deals inlcuidng but not limited to military, trade, science and alliances/treaties.

    @Lensane, We would like a private meeting with the other members of TSB.
    @Spale, We would like to reorganize our fuel deal. Also, we’d like access to the library.
    @Htenna, We would like to discuss possible improvements to the postal system.

    @Ustel, N/A.
    @Etitur, N/A.
    @Tej, We’d like to do some joint investigations.
    @EstouQ, N/A.
    @Ybut, N/A.
    @Reprosl, N/A.
    @Tema, N/A


    TRoC maintains "executive" orders known as operations that are federal law and go into full effect after 2-5T. As of now, here are the active ones:

    Operation Tranquility is being prepared and goes into effect in three turns. It is a series of military, civilian, lawmaking and diplomatic measures designed to ensure Charvonia will last forever. – 4T.


    Constriction of Project array. – 5T.
    Construction of a privately owned SOTA space port. - 3T.
    Construction of Project Xcanburn – 4T.


    Research into, and implementation of, improved ship to ship batteries. (Can switch from projectile to energy and vice-versa. – 4T.
    Research into new types of STS shells. – 5T.


    Tech from other nations: N/A

    All Mershiar are instructed not to look Lydia in the eyes. And if Kayel/Htenna are seen, relay position and flee.
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