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Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Mark, Jan 26, 2017.

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  2. I rather like ally chat
  3. hey that idea is pattened *moonface*
  4. why not give free speakers to everyone, I am on pc and do not get any speakers, this puts all pc players at a disadvantage esp when all we have is b2b events and we do not have speakers to try and chase our targets??? even the playing field up devs.... in this small way would surely not be that hard? :eek:
  5. Please announce ATA's decision to discard/keep/alter speaker regen amount.
  6. Why is there a world chat where everyone can see what everyone else is saying? It's weird... and now I feel like there's going to be so much traffic in wc it won't be funny. That's just my guess though I wonder how it will turn out.
  7. Its been about a week. How do you think it has turned out?
  8. What if there was a 4th chat location for strictly clan advertisements. So there would be world chat, clan chat, ally chat, and advertisement chat. That would help world chat be more conversation built. And with the advertising chat there should be a limit to posts per day. Just a thought.
  9. How are the ideas about this coming along?

    Would be nice to see more chat with less adverts. Preferably separated from chat somehow.
    Filters in search for epic battles would help with people being able to search for specific ebs would also reduce adverts a bit.
  10. I think 10 speakers a day is fair and a lovely update hopefully we can get enough good feedback so it stays!
  11. Cool, Thx but please raise te cap from 25 To 50,

    Also give To pc users 1 speaker a Day, that would help To post in World chat Recruitment and EB ads
  12. Already stated limit won't be rasied. Read over more of the thread before replying
  13. 50? Omg wc would be nuts 24/7
  14. Raise the 25 limit
  15. Have to add the new limit is better.
    It's far too short still to get good conversations going.
    By the time you have used 5-8 speakers and started people talking, you are then limited to the last few speakers, if trying to chat daily.

    A higher limit or. Unlimited is definitely needed.

    However I will concede adverts have become more common as people waste their speakers on advertising their clan.

    Yes I get why people advertise. But showing you have conversations and that your clan cc is not dead is just as if not more important than adverts.

    A separation needs to occur between wc chat and adverts.

    And players need to show a better willingness to chat rather than advertise, if they want the devs to consider changing the system permanently.
    Which would be the best change to the game for years in my opinion.

    Good start and overall a positive step forwards.
    Just please continue to move forwards with changes like this.
  16. Should be unllimited :p

  17. I never got 10 speakers a day in fact don't get 5 half the time
  18. Why not introduce this to PIMD?
  19. Now we can say hi to all our friends and have couple speakers left to talk to them
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