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Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Mark, Jan 26, 2017.

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  1. Finally an update that doesnt suck
  2. Since you don't hit that's the only way you can get to us.
  3. Thanks it helps with getting more ads out an being social an stuff good call.
  4. Can we also get that to happen for those that only use the web interface. As it stand atm, theirs do not even refresh to a max of 25. Thx!
  5. If we want to encourage conversations in wc but still make wa chargeable, then why not just forget about needing speakers for wc, and just make wa cost 26 speakers.
    So you just need to buy speakers if you want to do a wa.
    Spamming in wc has already been managed.
  6. Thankyou for the extra speakers.
  7. Great update. Wc hasnt been too fast or too much spam either
  8. Hi,

    Can we get speakers for PC ?
    We really need it.. :roll:
  10. WC should be free of speakers as happens in SMASH!
  11. Hi Mark,

    Here's a grand Idea: take away the speaker system all together.
  12. Support for unlimited speakers or take speakers away
  13. If it works...Can the max limit be higher aswell so we can use WA?
  14. They have already said something in relation to this.

    They did not want to screw people over who had extra speakers. Also, WA should be reserved for those who are serious about what they put, if they increase the limit then everyone would be able to post there.
  15. Thank you Mark for increasing my speakers. I can trash talk more everyday when I'm hearing voices 
  16. It's not apple increase the priced. Blame Trump It's Trump friends increased the price by manipulating US dollar. Now US dollar is strong because most bet on it.
  17.  you banned king jum for bypassing or is it the fact he's telling you something you don't like hearing
  18. Its the fact that he bypassed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.