working FREE Nob Offers

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  1. A place for anyone to report the Free Nob offers that actually work. So far I found just 1 out of 20 and I can't even remember the name
  2. What works-nothing.

    What doesnt work-everything.

    Moral of the story- I just got fed up with these offers and gave up on lyf.
  3. The ones that you only dl an appstore app and start it work
  4. tried one, didnt work
  5. Sadly only if you have never played the game before :(
  6. How do u download them from the oracle tho? I can't see anyway to?
  7. Would be nice to have something like one 30 second ad for a free nob!
  8. 576 nobs for spending £10 at ladbrokes. ...paid out already ty devs this is great
  9. This.
  10. No the audible one that went away. Entered my credit card information only to get squat 
  11. I've made 300 free nobs today
  12. Can you report the ones that worked... Please
  13. 
  14. Hit the surveys.I hit two surveys now have 60 nobs really don't take long.
  16. If you get surveys 
  17. Is this a new trend?
    Quoting your self?
  18. I've spent £22 gambling n got 1235 free nobs.....lost the money but £22 for 1235 nobs is a bargain
  19. The 158 nob credit card one worked.

    Just make sure you use an old cc and decline payment!