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  2. I'd do this, but it requires two of my least favorite things: Work and introspection.
  3. Meh, i.could give two craps what anyone thinks about me on an app game :)
  4. How do you guys see a female dominated society going?

  5. Technically, it totally is.
  6. Ikr? Ugh!
  7. Or both if you are really on spot!
  8. Not at all. Don't lump this what you've seen in the past.

    How would a unified middle east look in terms of culture, cuisine, politics and religion?
  9. Like Zombieland ☠

    Just like any other country region would.
  10. Couldn't KaW be consider and Rpg? You fight fake monsters and make alliances with other people with troops that aren't real... We are all role playing 
  12. Yes! It is a MMORPG.

    @Op, creating a fictional alter ago is part of roleplaying! There's nothing wrong with it, but it is role playing! If it was creating a character, I'd say it's fan fiction, but creating a fictional alter ago is roleplaying, which, btw, it's totally related with fan fiction, as well. Anyway, don't demonize rp itself, its basically writing, nothing wrong with it.
  13. Oh, ftr, I like the idea, though I feel too lazy to do it myself, atm. I wonder what's this for...
  14. Are we just going to ignore the fact that venoms fictitious name has Isis in it?:0
  15. Whatever galaxy I can rap in, I'm there dude. Bring on your outer galactic shenanigans and be verbally assaulted!

    I'll be Thanos, chillin on my throne
    Smokin purple, collecting my stones :roll:
  16. Is this a serious question AJ? I'll answer them if so.
  17. Tiger;

    My point is, you're not creating a character at all. I'm just asking questions for future use. There is no game or theme involved with the end results of this thread.

    I'm literally only asking questions.

    Very serious. Very
  19. This is a good read, support