Wooden Cross of the Conqueror [REVAMP]

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by -Tristan-, May 25, 2015.

  1. Hey guys! Exactly a year ago (I just noticed) I drew this banner, and to be honest, now looking back, I'm unhappy with the result of that banner. After a few pointing our several mistakes, which I agreed with, I decided to make a new one :D

    Note: I decided to do a darker shading on the sword for appearance. I know the original (made by KAW) was grey.



    Extra info:

    Use: Thin Sharpies, crayola color pencil (red)

    I don't see what there is to troll here, but no trolls welcome :lol:

    Tips and comments are welcome!
  2. Huge improvement, nice job.
  3. :D That's awesome!!
  4. Huwatz dezz bannerz 2ing in fatrums treez?
  5. Thanks guys :)

  6. You should try some of the newer event banners.
  7. Draw me Dezz nutzz please OP :)?
  8. As always, good job noob
  9. Thanks Guys :D

    and @Battlefield, I'm pretty sure forums won't allow it. :lol:
  10. Do the ape one
  11. Will keep in mind. I've done it before lol, it's sort of messy now that I look at it :lol:
  12. Awesome job Jackson.

    What about a spy banner?
  13. The more you work on your craft, the better you will get. Keep drawing!
  14. Nice work 
  15. I will try to find the time to draw a spy banner.
  16. Do my banner pls :eek:
  17. i prefer black and white drawings but you did a great job :)
  18. Will try when I've got time :)
  19. Very impressive! I wish I could draw like that! It's already difficult enough for me to draw within pre drawed lines. xD Well done!

    You should post your drawings more frequently if you like to draw.