Wisp Count

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  1. So what are we looking at? Hte dropping the most as per usual?
  2. Hte of course

    *cough* my # is a secret *cough*
  3. I hate u

    I hate pecans


  4. Dammit zart. You're beating me by 2 now
  5. 130 and do I care? No achievements and crappy rewards.
  6. There are ppl with over 1.8k ATM
  7. 891, but I don't care about this event.
    Just daily max xtal side effect
  8. Such as?
  9. So will i
  10. Ok
    Lb posted


  11. and its not locked
  12. The fact it was posted 2 days ago for lock and still hasn't been locked yetlazy mods
  13. /Don't lock.
  14. Let it die and save the trouble of waiting for a mod?