Winter War Tournament

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  1. Thanks for the late notice.

    I can't request a vacation day off from work a day in advance.
    You need to tell us these things a week or two ahead of time so we can plan our real lives.
  2. What’s the qualifications for the event? Seems smaller builds can join?
  3. How do you know if you're top 20k to sign up?
  4. If you sign up and you haven’t left the clan, are you still considered one of the 400 to qualify or do you need to leave the clan in order to get counted? Thanks
  5. If u cant sign up ur not top 20k lol
  6. ^ This
  7. Are you counted as one of the 400 if you haven’t left your clan?
  8. Why start on Friday some of us do have to work
  9. Do I have to stay clanless a 24hrs
  10. Do you even have a clan to call home?
  11. Does it renew EE? I need to renew mine but there isn't any war except for winter war lol
  12. It does
  13. Lol rewards really not very good... throne side for rewards. Not even better stats... cheap cheap
  14. How much time to leave a clan? Is it usually 1 hour before war time
  15. these war tournaments always brings out eb fairy leak builds. munch munch. hope oppo has more of the garbage builds
  16. @Dev - Don’t forget to create some admins that can start eb as all will be essentially locked in for the whole weekend...REMEMBER IF YOU LEAVE CLAN You can’t rejoin!!

    and Dev remember to disable ALL CLAN BONUSES in advance regardless of eb historically completed or done over the weekend - lessons from the past...
  17. 