Winter War Tournament

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  1. The rewards are weak, if there's going to be four seasonal wars and one BIG all star annually I think they're all worth a participation achievement award and a banner or a special charm or equip. Furniture don't really float my boat.
  2. As an avid war lover myself I agree. I like to stand out and show that I participated in, or won a specific event.
    I’m not one to complain and I am happy with rewards that are given, but just something to think about for future events. If the rewards are unique enough it will attract the players more than silver bars or over powered equipment.
  4. Four seasonal wars sounds good
  5. Why is it called a champions sword if all participants got it?
  6. Champions are often people who fight in tournaments
  7. Champions are often people who fight in tournaments[/quote]
    Is there anyway for the winners to prove they won the first winter wars tournament?
  8. Yes. Snowflake ❄️ emoji in our name would be awesome.

    ❄️ = Winter Tourn
     = Spring
    ️ = Summer
     = Fall
     = ASW
  9. Agreed!
  10. Like this a lot!! 

  11. It should be
    = ASW
    = FALL
  12. Is it possible to change timings of LL war and Normal Individual war? Will be great if LL wars are done in the midnight slot, as less participation are there and players opting for Individual wars can War with ease. TY