Winter War Tournament

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  1. No support, the brackets were so messed up, clan rosters didnt even have even numbers the results are completely invalid, The whole thing should be redone
  2. Just because you lost and have been complaining and crying nonstop on wc and forums doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get credit. Bye
  3. What happen to those length ss u promise ? I see they only get 3 days ss only and also many 1 action hero are still casting woc now for normal war
  4. Support
  5. Regardless any awards, it was enjoyable this weekend warring with the calvary. Teamwork, coordiation, tracking and commanding like ive not seen in awhile. No one spamming cc or whining about doing there job, reminded me of 2014.
  6. This.
  7. Rewards we're stated prior to war sign up. Good job on rewarding 10 tournament issue tho
  8. Any idea of when we will actually get the rewards lol?
  9. 2 Hour wars compared to 6 hour asw is much more doable, but there is a factor that needs to be addressed which is trying to find a time slot that doesn’t kill our poor Indian folks 3am war is brutal not saying it’s not doable clearly we seen it is but even moving slot back 1-2 hours would make it much more enjoyable for all time zone issues and being that it’s only 2 hours means our Europe zone doesn’t have to stay awake until the wee hours either .

    As for the war it’s self .. a lot of issues but that’s wars we face them daily with Indi, wars not starting on time or being laggy, people casting alts and stripping it’s all apart of wars and has been for years ... stripping ps in wars has been happening since wars started that’s a risk of warring as ps and being semi active at best.

    As for rewards.. Rewards are a joke we can get the same rewards during the event there is nothing special about it expect a side furniture item that will be traded off to anyone and everyone .. Adding bars ok great that helps those that are still growing adding build tokens ok again great helps those growing but for people who dedicated 3 days and over 6 hours to a special war have zero to show from it that indicates they participated in a special event.

    Sort out proper events maybe charms that can’t be traded so it shows they where in this event can make the stats better for each tier of wins like all get basic set, 2 place gets next tier and winners get fancy stats something to show off that can’t be traded

    All in all it was fun glad to be apart of it hope we have more.
  10. This. I can agree with. Thumbs up from me
  11. I just want something I want :/

  12. Yes something needs done and in principle you're right.i like my furniture idea better however
  13. This is so funny, everyone worrying about rewards and recognicion for war participation. You all forgeting the real reason we all writing about this war tornament in all previous wars, which is that the devs have to start fixing wars. To many errors before and durring wars. Devs are more concerned about events for eb fairies than to fix the true fundamentals in which this game became so popular. I believe the majority of its players love this game for the excitement and intensity of hitting and beating another player, why else would we keep building war ready builds. All in all I love this game and invest in it as many of you do as well. Devs time and time again take us for granted. Let them not forget that there are other games out there that we could give our money to. It's time Devs start to really pay attention to this game and not to say sorry here is some xtals for our errors. Devs keep your petty sorry gifts. FIX THE GAME SO YOU DONT NEED TO BE SORRY OVER AND OVER.
  15. Soooo... How long the rewards going to be on processing?
  16. I agree with Anrod the majority of people who war do it for the pleasure of warring itself and trying to beat the opposition,when I started to war it was classed as sad and not done to mole and strip and was shunned on as whoever did was a lower life form bit drastic but true ,after all this is a war game and grew because of it ,stop all the rubbish,listen to players,stop saying sorry ,you make no mistakes about taking Kaw players money so please listen,thank you
  17. I agree, whatever it is, it should be something that can’t be traded.
  18. Better rewards please
  19. They'll be going out in about 2 hours. I gave a ~24 hour grace period so we could look into people using alts, not making enough actions etc and being able to take action on those players.