Winter War Tournament

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Winston, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. War doesn't start til 11PST
  2. Added some silver bars in the rewards due to the 10 tournament issues and players largely finding the rewards underwhelming.
  3. 400 bars for winning a war isn't much..
    I appreciate you listening to the community though.

  4. What happened big dog? Thought you were going to win? You even name changed LOL. Take this fat L.
  5. I that was me psyching us up not cockiness sorry I guess
  7. And apparently I'm having trouble with forums that was supposed to b an edit
  8. What about giving to the name some emoji, like with the All Star Wars you get a , a ❄️ would be nice for the winter tournament! Just an idea!
  9. Would b nice but I think the previous idea multi leveled war furniture set would breathe life back into it ty Winston for considering it pls make it happen
  10. Agreed!
  11. Yessss
  12. Agreed 100% Winston! Great idea.
  14. Support
  15. Support
  16. Support :)
  17. I’d take some snowflakes!
  18. Support we deserve recognition besides the rest of the warriors regardless if it’s experimental or not.
  19. 400sb covers nothing you can opt into two normal war types hit top 500 victory token Lb and get the same outcome.