Winter War Tournament

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  1. Champion set is a cool idea. I dig it.
  2. Yeah, if we got some silver bars with that so we can afford to buy the land to actually build them
  3. We might be enemies ATM but follow me I'll help u save some money
  4. You act like y’all are going to win 
  5. And you act like you're going to be relevant don't worry when you lose it won't be your fault

    And since when is offering to help someone after a contest considered arrogance it's not.
    It should be the standard for the more experienced to help the newer ppl and if it's an alt well I enjoy attempting to help ppl
  6. Lmao. We’ll see man. We’ll see.
  7. Lol its funny u think ur gonna win when u struggled against icy and had to strip to win
  8. Not having participated in war that often and have no plans to in the future I can see the point of view of those that do! Devs should introduce 3 levels of eq and banner and furniture lv1 eq and banner should be war based eq with the owner being able to change the stats to suit this will instantly make a war player identifiable and give some prestige to that account L2 can be PvP based eq with static stats and L3 can be eb based eq with much lower stats. The war community within kaw is certainly not supported and I feel that as they have more commitment to the game than your average tap tap account they should be rewarded as such also I feel these extra benifits would encourage more to participate.
  9. Anyone else support the idea of shattered sword reducing EB plunder?
  10. The rewards for this event are pretty bad, no achievement badge either. Give us something original and cool, to bring excitement back to warring. Creating more people wanting to participate in wars.
  11. Awesome idea, for future war event especially!
  12. 1 deepmine token equates to 120Bil resell(on a normal, non 50% refund day)
    1000Tokens is therefore 120T gold. This is beside the fact that 1000 deepmine tokens hold a place value for an upgrade upwards of 200T(or something, not sure dont have that ug level)
  13. Where is the list of rewards?
  14. How about you just try and run a glitch free tournament
  15. Not aware of any strips in our war .
  16. Nah, Frigid Footmen fail bombed top10 to limit plunder. :lol:
  17. That and atko 4 of top 25 that semi inactive 13x.
  18. cold cavalry 2 is going to win
  19. Another dev screw up, war isn't starting lol
  20. It is, just a bit laggy. Winston posted wc just now.