wings of heart part 2

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  1. We were heading out to vampire King's castle i looked at the young man who was walking beside me what is your name my name is Andrew Drew for short he said I smiled that is a nice name Andrew smiled at me and I looked at the sky only to see a full moon i looked back at Andrew I saw that he was on the forest floor screaming in pain as his body began to crack and take shape in the form of a wolf i began to run from him deeper into the forest but he was chasing me until I tripped over a stick Andrew had caught up with me and he walked towards me growling ready to pounce on me I must do something before I get eaten by Drew I tried to grab my sword but I had forgotten that I had left it on the side of my saddle with my horse what must I do should I go tell my father that there is a dangerous wolf trying to attack me or should I just kill it myself without getting killed nor bitten myself
  2. Kill it yourself!
  3. That's going a tad far lol but please stop, it's not good, your grammar is appalling and your story telling worse.
  4. U know if it was a full moon already why was he not already a wolf.

    Plz write shorter "stories" that took me too long to spot
  5. I am fine with writing long stories thanks anyway
  6. Chill.
  7. What else is for dinner? Will there be side dishes, and if so, what?
  8. U didnt answer my question..
  9. butthurt
  10. I am fine with writing long stories again I don't need your guy's help with my stories
  11. Put all your stories into one thread
  12. I am fine with leaving my stories the way they are
  13. Why are you ignoring my question makes me feel sad
  14. My question
  15. What was your question exactly
  17. Why hasn't someone done an edit of this with punctuation yet? Nightwing is slacking in his capacity as editor.
    And in answer to your question prime, I believe they will also be eating rum ham
    Keep up the good work Suzanne(my little catfish) 
  18. Thank you why did you call me a catfish for ?
  19. Lol nailed it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.