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  1. I think ever since unmi and night made it, it gradually had ever increasing levels of drama and that’s never good for a family. That’s what Wingless was to a lot of us; family. It was kind of unsustainable due to that I think.

    It’s amazing reading names like Han and Kisses and Sawler and thinking of all the people that you just forget about over the years.

    Wingless Hell was a little later in its history, but I remember training new recruits at Winglings, the old subclan, as well as the terribly named pwar clan, where the osf’s were, Wingles Angels (nice spelling ) so there are definitely memories that linger.

    I don’t blame you for not knowing the full history of the clan of course lol. Not many people do. It just sounds odd to hear someone describe Tal’s attempted rebuild as a success, as in the long history of the clan, with osw’s and weekly system wars back in the day, Tal’s b2b HTE and the pathetic excuse for a warring system that existed at that time just seems pretty naff really.

    Side note - For anyone who was around back then, could someone remind me what our good friends and allies clan was named? I know it was something Chinese or Asian or something, but I’ve forgotten and I feel terrible about it lol
  2. I don’t see what was so wrong about the success Tal had with Wingless Angels... It’s not like he killed the clan. The clan was already dead and he revived it and kept it up to date with the new KaW conditions that were not previously around. He did an excellent job.
  3. Like I said, it’s reasonable to try and modernise a clan. But I don’t think that refusing entry to some old wingless members was a great idea. If it was truly in the spirit of wingless, it would’ve been more of an inclusive culture.

    Also, look at the clan page atm. This is the legacy of wingless for anyone who looks for it. They see a load of random names that no-one recognises. Unmi and night aren’t there. It’s sad to see that’s how he left it.

    Look, what he did was successful for the duration of its time, but anyone can run b2b HTE and become successful that way. What the wingless leadership before him did was create a tight knit family. While wingless did indeed die in the meantime, it at least had a good legacy.

    He took that legacy and edited it to a clan that ran HTEs and had a brief stint in a crappy war system.

    But hey, I’m going to have strong views on it because of how long I was member/admin/owner of various wingless clans over many years. So maybe I’m a little biased :p
  4. i was WA when Tal and Lioness were running it

    Wingless_Banana used to be mi user ☹️
  5. Tal did decent, i remember a big problem with the people who didn't have $$ to put hte on daily, so lioness headed the hte clan mainly for a bit

    i wasn't able to drop seals then either so it was a dilemma at that time lol
  6. I was in Wingless when Unmi was leader. That feels like a lifetime ago
  7. Im still here.
  8. Dilly is back around last I check. Also, a hello from Foxes. Our clans were friendly enough back in the day
  9. Used to spend some time as a visitor at Tiveden
  10. Hey! I used to war with Wingless Angels during season 2 ee wars :)
  11. Used to war together with Wingless_HanSolo and Bo_Cannon in 2011/2012... Thanks for the updates about Wingless as I was wondering what happened to HanSolo.
  12. so none of you from wingless are originals
  13. I remember Dillybar.
  14. Coo but the worms back doe an we ran dat era and now we bout to run this one 
  15. but you won’t let me join back^ so don’t be too hopeful
  16. That’s not true. 