Wingless Angels, Conclave of Shadows,Tiveden

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  1. Hello everyone, i'm asking you lovely forumers if any of you were apart of the original clans listed above. If you know of anyone let me know it would be interesting to see who's still kicking about

    im talking about 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 era

    my usernames were:



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    I was CoS.
    What’s good?
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    hey buddy, what was your CoS tag? it's hard to remember
  4. Went by Zhurosoft, i believe, while in CoS.
  5. CoS original, been a while bro
  6. Wasn't CoS, but a fair few of my old buddies were. Can't even remember every username now :( but that's what ss are for
  8. I’m from wingless angles
  9. i take it you weren't around during that era
  10. Hey green ️

    Was CoS yeaaaaars ago, but obviously Wingless was the big one for me ;)

    How you been buddy?
  11. Hmm a wingless tag.
  12. I feel like wingless people could be from any time between 2010 and like 2015 during Tal’s reign of terror.

    I look at half the people who have had wingless tags and don’t recognise them.

    I think my 100 member clan owner achievement actually came from wingless 
  13. tell me about it, UNMI was wingless's one and only owner TAL ruined it, none of the original members are on the clan page
  14. Tal dominated and always took care of his members and showered us in HTE...
  15. and im talking about wingless during the pwar era, before ebs and HTE 
  16. Yeah HTE was after wingless had died a death. Tal’s largely failed attempt to revive it isn’t even close to being one of Wingless’ best moments

    When night and unmi started it they weren’t thinking about HTE, or even ebs at all because they didn’t exist
  17. But hey, times change. So fair play to him for keeping it somewhat alive. I guess people’s opinions will vary depending on when they joined wingless. As someone who was there from pretty much the beginning, I noticed the distinct loss of general spirit that had occurred by that point so Wingless was really a shell by that point.

    But hey, if there was one thing Wingless always had back in 2011 it’s drama, so there are definitely things I don’t miss :p
  18. I was in Wingless Tyro when Sawler ran it and then Wingless Academy when Carlos the Conqueror ran that. I kinda stayed there because I enjoyed Carlos’ company, but used to visit Angels a lot. Han Solo and Leia were around a lot then and UNMI went on like half a year’s break from KaW.
    There was a member called Angelic Kisses who used to visit Wingless a lot from a clan with the word ‘ Hell’ in it ran by HappyHellsDays and eventually Wingless merged with it to create Wingless Hell.
    However, after a huge fall out, it all fell apart and Hell’s old members returned to Hell and the Wingless that were in that clan moved to a newly formed clan called Warriors of Eden as the Wingless faction of Wingless Hell also fell out with Wingless Angels’ leadership (still no UNMI). This was the beginning of the end of the Wingless group, as it went from a four clan family to just the one. Han Solo, a main player, also quit KaW at around this time.
    Eden in turn fell to pieces when the Estoc Trials (Rancor Wars) started and everyone had no choice but to join the system wars when the admins wanted to join.
    Anyway, when Eden fell apart, everyone pretty much joined ‘Hell’ again apart from the senior people who fell out with Hell’s admin.
    Wingless Angels were the only surviving Wingless clan and it had a short revival under Tal as they gained a name from system wars, but I don’t see them at all now.
  19. This brought back memories
  20. I never knew there was so much history. I unfortunately quit for a long time right before EBs came out and lost my old account. I never had any affiliation with wingless and didn’t know much about them or their past. I only knew them when Tal ran the clan and he did an excellent job! We warred almost every single war and we’re always a top clan and when we faced other highly ranked clans and lost it was never by much. He did a great job, but unfortunately he couldn’t handle the work load any longer and quit KaW. It was making a great come back from what the past sounds like, but no one was able to continue to the clan without him. He was the last leg.