Win a Seal! Guess the number!

Discussion in 'Activities' started by masterchifchaf, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Looks like one of our participants (IAmTheMagicMushroomMessiah) is having a busy day! We will have to wait for their response. If they haven't replied before 1pm UK time then we will have to proceed with the two other candidates!
  2. Sorry I took so long... 4
  3. The number for round three was 4!! Both IAmTheMagicMuchroomMessiah and akatsuki17 got it correct! Now we move on to round four!

    Guess again a number between 1 and 3!

    Remember it's now between one and three! Good luck!

    See below for the numbers generated for round 2 and found 3 :)


  4. 1 and 3 guess is number 2
  5. Unfortunately neither of those were correct! The correct answer was 1!

    Guess again :) I generated another number between 1 and three, good luck!

    Round four's number that was generated:
  6. The answer was 3!!! Congratulations akatsuki17! I will be dropping a seal in the clan of your choice at a convenient time! Well done!

    See below for the screen shot of the final number that was generated!!

    Thanks very much everyone for playing! It was great fun!!