WILLY'S GUIDE: Being Willy

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    Alas, the bodiless Will Smith has appeared, completely powered by his ample ears, looking like a Porsche driving down the street with the doors open.

    When and if you tappy tap, EBificate, OSW (pffft lel) and spend some of your own cash enjoying this fake war game, I want you to pretend for a second that you are Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones)

    Do it. Imagine.

    Imagine you are a little person, blessed with a silver tongue and DASHINGLY good looks.

    And you drink, and you know things.

    Now, once you have your mind all lined up, I want you to gain 50 pounds, shave your head, and start drinking Bud Light. (Ladies...you'll need to grow man parts and lose the "girls")


    You are now me. Congrats.
  2. I took you for a more refined beer drinker not crap ass budlight
  3. I drink hennesy,smoke loud and hang on the block
    Who wants to be just like me?
  4. Every 6th grader on the block.
  5. I enjoy a plethora of craft brews, but when push comes to shove, Bud Light is my go-to. Not too heavy, tastes good with most foods.
  6. Weaaaaaaaak.

    Gotta go with that Hennessy everyday baby
  7. i rather be FARROUKHI BULSARAA
  8. Bud Light smh
  9. I match all criteria 'cept height.

    I could be your mega-me!!

    Why do you disappear from me so lonnnnng Farroukhi Bulsaaaaaaraa?

  11. You'll need to chop off your legs above the knee to make height. It's required criteria.
  12. This is wolfie approved.

    *small print, wolfie approved means practically nothing just means wolfie enjoyed another post by the famous willy*

  13. Pretty sure that was imf
    gotta compensate somewhere :-D
  14. So famous.

    So famous that 99% of the people that read this don't know you or me. 
  15. Who would possibly want to be someone so unfunny?
  16. haha yeah, so many new people in KaW omg we so og and cool because we were active a couple years back omg yea let's make out

    no shutup
  17. Bro. You wish you could be as epic as one of my farts. Don't talk to me in forums until you get some cred.
  18. Willy, that is Jackson.

    One of the original memelords.