Willy's Couch: Interview With iProphet

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  1. Its old screenname LedZeppilin and KotfeLed TheStairwayToHeaven. He's homebred Oli ! Or I should say in your words home FoolBred !!
  2. Look who stuck their head out of the toilet...kaws grand idiot roni
  3. Ha you the one whose always highlighting things I've wrote. So I ain't gonner stay quiet about you.

  4. Stay quiet? Whos hiding lmao
  5. I'm quoting this again for all to see the added discription !!

  6. Those names dont even mean anything...only had about 200 other names over 6 years + none of which i care about
  7. If you think thats an old screen name ive got about 195 others you might like lol
  8. My foot just fell asleep
  9. Miss you, Moobs. Great post.

    Yeah, me and my spreadsheets. But hey, that's why we caught the barcodes, right?
  10. No clue, Oli. Not worth my time.

    But hey there, how have you been? Still lurking about, I see.
  11. Jayde get on your knees
  12. That insult reminds me of my high school days. Seriously, can we act like sensible human beings for once and accept the HV got ass whooped?

    Would be great, thanks.
  13. Yes HV got our ass whooped! By all of kaw !!!46 vrs HV was a fair fight but HV was completely dominated by 46 and their alliance and we made some great friends after like in all wars. Much respect to everyone that fought
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  14. That was my one of favorite thing about osw. How everyone would start out bitter enemies and then by the end friendships were born. Its a really cool aspect of the game that most have probably experienced at some point.

    Cheers Leo