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  1. Thats just it mate. Im a noob. 8 barely get this new kaw stuff. Events and different types of wars and all kinds of stuff.

    Hell had my pm not been lit up minutes before war i wouldnt have even casted meeth spells. I have no kaw ego to have. Literally a noob now.

    But i know kaw history and not the ones the noobs in the forums talk about or the story the remain victors like to tell. Yours is wrong mate.

    If you want the full brake dowm i cam give it. I recall why I gave the order to hit HV in the first place. Do you?
  2. Ohh jayde

    Tell meh why HV members where fetting silenced??? What could they be saying?

    You remember Dumbo? I Do. Its why you got hit.
  3. Move on ? That's what cheaters say. Terms were your members only. Not all of Kaw. Plus you guys didn't strip one HV member. We kept all our allies. So spin it a different way.....sitting
  4. Holy vanguard was a great clan. Vontez is a kaw legend as far as I'm concerned.

    Long live vontez !

  5. What are you talking about?

    Let me remind you what happened cause youre confusing me now.

    See your clan HV was going around kaw posting about oral pleasure from women. Jayde a mod and our friend Maj a mod, had to silence you all. Then I decided to osw HV from 46 after Maj told me he would give unlimited funding.

    So osw starts and in about two days all HV was naked. Maybe not 100% all but you get the just. At this point HV was stubburn and wouldnt do CF talks. So as an easy out, I offered a system war with no rules the following weekend and we would all cf till the lil system cf war. Which, i dont even know if you guys hit. Cant recall. I know you all joined caused that was part of terms but im quite sure i dont remember much action in the cf war.

    You dont know what you are talking about. As it has pretty much been for the last 5 or 6 years now. Well done
  6. I can't repeat it, obviously. Let's just say it was extremely sexual, very sexist, and they should be ashamed for speaking that way on a game that had children playing. They didn't care. They were like frat boys. Then when they were silenced for it, they had a tantrum. A lot of people didn't like that, hence the assistance from other moderators.

    And Pro is correct about the system war you keep complaining about. No rules were set. I was there for that, too. Your clan leaders just wanted it over, and even admitted later they just planned to wait it out.
  7. This got salty real fast.
  8. Bs. Maj. was an ally... We used to bounce in his reunions. Jayde never got told to do anything sexual cuz.....gross.
  9. Plus once again we were never naked
  10. Yes there was rules CLAN MEMBERS ONLY you opened your clan to all of zaft.
  11. Only the butt hurt post 3 rage posts in 3 minutes.. *moonface*
  12. Waiting for you and jayde to make up something.......tic toc tic toc
  13. Snoopy ask Leo shocker since you needed to chime in
  14. LOL. Yes ask leo shooooocker

    Domo, you talk about Maj being on your side. Im pretty sure every old school player who knew maj recalls hoe much he hated leo schucker...wasnt that the nixkname maj had for him? Yeah well mate, if youre still foolish enough to believe what youre saying, that sucks. Cause Maj, your so called ally, literally funded the whole war. It made me sick actually the amount of gold he would just pull out of his ass whenever we asked for it was a glorioualy fun time.

    And damn, finally somethinf i didnt know. Maj played HV too. Made them think they were allies and then funded their downfall.

    Domo, youre just a fools fool. I will leave you be now. Tell what ever history you want. We all know why youre raging so hard here.

    Nooblet out
  15. Not me. Obviously. As I already said it was in WC, to the general public.

    Funny how you remember everything but how you lot acted like neanderthals. And Maj, as a mod, was extremely for taking OUT HV. You think he approved of you attacking mods for silencing your sorry mouths?

    Who's making stuff up now? Claiming fake allies? There were no rules. It was just that no one wanted to help you. Why fight for a group of boys who throw tantrums because they can't accept the consequences of their actions?
  16. More lies Really that's all you spin. Lies. It's part of your persona "prophecy" which didn't do crap or add to a Kaw legacy. We are the only two keeping this thread alive.

    Drop Kaw dead. You fool
  17. ...does anyone know what on earth this means?

    So angry.
  18. Proph didn't tell you what to say ? Went on your own for that one jayde ?
  19. I was in that war. And I remember that during that war, several members of HV barcoded their names and took off running. If memory serves me correctly, that's when the 'no rules' system war was called for.
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  20. Rules was for members only