Willy's Couch: Interview With iProphet

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  1. Wow. This thing is back? :lol:

  2. You were impossible, and you know it! When we finally stripped you, it was glorious.

  3. Way to try to be relevant

  4. Well..Never question the relevance of truth, but always question the truth of relevance.
  5. Wow...Wily he truly has an ability to turn things over does he not?
  6. Hmm interesting thought accrued to me, will and Iprophet have the same text word usage.... New just playing about time you made your way back to fourms.
  7. I've been hitting prophet at PvP technically he is alive:/
  8. What does he mean... Ireg with his queen VASIA account???
  9. Who the elf cares about these losers?
  10. Well... you're here and commenting, so...
  11. Shots
  12. This isn't even a necro bump bro.. The thread was made like 2 months ago :lol:
  13. And passed away after 5 pages... until Willy gave it a CPR
  14. Yes
  15. Can I give you CPR, girl?
  16. Now wait..... I was in that war. We didn't ask for CF terms, actually we were doing quite well against them and having fun. Prophet came up with the idea of the war and the terms were to be with their members only participating. Prophet cheated and brought every heavy hitter in Kaw to hit HV. He filled his clan. The dude is untrustworthy and deceitful. When new members kept joining we (HV) decided to lay down. What was the point ?

    Prophet go back into retirement.

  17. You can have your story domo. I mean dude, i havent played in like nearly 3 years and youre still raging and still quite sprung on me. I get it, you aint done anything of worth in kaw. Hell 1 month of playing and we are in se size bracket lol. But dont worry bro. Have your story for glory.

    But also have your memory checked. Sorry bub but HV was the weakest clan i ever taken on. Ever. It was ugly. You all naked in about 48 hours. I wasmt the only one there either mate. So lets just agree that you will have your story about what happened to HV and then there is the truth of what happened. HV got rekt.

    I will touch on this. Did a lot of clans hate HV. Absolutely. Did a lot of LB say they would fund us to beat ya down. Absoultely. And we did beat HV down.

    Isnt that what you have your big ole alliance for? To cover your ass when you write a check? Mine cashed. Yours was voided sir.
  18. You are a complete dork. You make crap up non stop. Problem is nobody around to back your story up. You really know what the truth is and yet you spin it to pump up your Kaw ego
  19. I was there, too. Domo, we killed you guys. There is nothing to make up. Plus that the whole thing started because a few of you were butthurt because you got silenced (by me) for breaking TOU (by being pervs in WC)... there is just nothing for you to win here. I have never been in an OSW over that quickly and easily. You all acted like children, got beat, and it's been over for like 4 years. Move on.