##Will the Valiant Knights ever return?##

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  1. I nominate myself for vk. I'm always helping out nubs.
  2. I redownloaded KaW just to quote this post because it is actually funny.
  3. woah i didnt know that genius, i was responding to omega
  4. VK is like a death omen. 90% who are "VK" are inactive.
  5. Support. More valiant knights would be good for the community.
  6. Lets be real, 90% of kaw is inactive
  7. I prefer the term "hermit."
  8. I'm still waiting to become a villainous knight.
  9. I am doubtful whether the older VKs are doing anything.Never see them though.We definitely need new ones
  10. No mods should be recognized, bcoz mods already help..
    So to recognize them as Vk is giving ur 1 of the spot to ALREADY KNOWN HELPFUL PERSON.

    Vk should be like mods..
    Remove old Vks they are inactive.. Why have them ?

    Make new Vk who are not mods/yet to be recognized by peeps..

    This is my personal opinion..

    I have helped many players, thats why saying no mods should be Vk..

    Yes Vk can be mods, but no mods should be Vk
  11. Support! An All mercs should have vk being that the job consist of poppin xtals to save eb's but being well liked is ok to
  12. Mods who go above the expectations of a mod should be recognized too. Mods are here to help enforce ToU and help players out. A mod who constantly is giving solid advice or being a great influence on the community should be recognized. Chocolate is a great example for this.

    I actually agree that vk should be removed from inactive people because honestly they're no longer doing anything and some haven't for a long time which kinda ruins the whole persona about vk. I'm guessing that's what you meant seeing as mods and vks are very different roles.

    Having new vks is definitely due and it's something I really want to see happen however you need to remember that vk and mod aren't mutually exclusive. Mods can earn vk too.

    While I agree you're a helpful person it doesn't tend to go well for you if you are adamant you deserve to be recognized for it. What you just wrote came across as "I deserve vk but don't want to compete with mods"

    Vk can get mod and mod can get vk. Not going to elaborate on this again.
  13. I should be vk.
  15. So you're saying I can have two shiny badges?!
  16. You could but currently you have neither vk nor mod ;)
  17. I have two shiny badges :cool: be jelly
  18. I have no shiny badges.

    Be jelly. :cool:

  19. Guilty :)

    Yes like if mods get inactive, they get remove right ?

    Same should happen with Vk as well..

    But devs are in no mood to do that. Dont know why.
    Vk should get unlimited speaker as well, so that they can help more members.

    Honestly have helped many players and some have outgrown me as well.. Doesnot matter if i get vk now, but pretty sure 1 day i will be Vk.