Will be KaW a high coast game?

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  1. You may be complaining about costs of micro transactions in a mobile app but you've to think of the larger picture.

    If this game was to have no funds, we wouldn't get updates, we wouldn't have the things we enjoy doing, without funds we don't get any support staff to assist with any issues you may have, we wouldn't get developers actively working on new features (tho I doubt this actually happens sometimes) and the last part, if there was no money there would be no server to contain the game and no one could play.
  2. 10/10 - made me lol
  3. I wish ata would let me work for them, then I can get my own Lamborghini, boat, jet plane, and let's not forget the most important thing, twizzlers.
  4. I'm pretty sure everyone is missing his point he's not complaining about buying something or price, it's the comparison of graphics and animation to price, u pay the same for stuff on other games that has more investment in the game. Tap tap(crappy game u pay less) control or move players(better game:for some people: u pay more)

    That's what I get he's trying to say, see ya in newsfeed jarl happy warring
  6. Support op... screw you other's :twisted: