Will be KaW a high coast game?

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  1. I would be buy new xtals, so i klick Marketplace and scroll down.


    168 Xtals coast 100€ and big Nobles Pack by 90€

    I havn't a problem to imvest in game or to support the gameholder, but this are prices, there are im knowed from high-grafic-games only.
    where are more options, actions, perm updates and effects in.

    It's really worth here to investing, by a simple chat-game?

    Lovley ATA, i work hard for my money and i know many people too, maybe you think about your econnomics and goes with the price down.

    Stop the people there are cracked handy or buy with bot's.
  2. Lol it's nothing new.... Always been like that
  3. Wtf are you saying? Shouldn't have dropped out of school so early.
  4. English isn't necessarily the OP's first language, give them a chance :p

    OP - in order to keep the game running it's important that people spend money. If you want to advance quickly and can afford to then sure buy something, the game isn't dying any time soon :)
  5. Incorrect sir or madam

    For the first two years, you could enjoy the game without spending lots of real money.
  6. thanks, i know my english is bad, but i can understand more as one langue.

    think this is a picture, from this game, that's somepeople are give.

    @Moods your answere havn't open my moneybag. Funny it is that you will give me a change on my english.

    Vielleicht können wir uns ja auch anders unterhalten, oder war das eine typische Moods Antwort?
  7. sry mean moody

    moods = moody
  8. Forums is English only. I don't really see the point in taking jabs at someone who speaks English as a second language since they're forced to.

    @OP, spending money on KaW should be seen as the same as gambling. Spend whatever you feel comfortable spending if at all.
  9. Take an english class
  10. Forums are English-only FYI - as for being a standard answer from me then probably. The game needs money to run and if people want to buy large amounts at the highest discount then that does make financial sense.

    Of course there's no obligation to spend the large amounts of money, I was just offering a reason as to why they exist :)
  11. Really? Pretty sure kaw is on the downturn and yes dying.
  12. KaW is still here after over 5 years (which is huge for a mobile app) and still makes millions annually. I doubt it's going to die anytime soon.
  13. Is this salty. Holy hell learn to type op
  14. ATA make roughly 20,000 U.S. dollars a day from kaw. This doesn't include PimD, smash or meego for example. It's not on its way out yet :p
  15. People representing their clans well on this thread, insulting someone for lack of perfect english when its obviously not their first language
  16. Not worried on the English bud. Credit for being able to speak clearly enough for most of us to understand you in what is clearly a second language.

    Is kaw worth investing money in?
    That all depends on how much you enjoy playing and what style of gameplay.

    Ebs aside from hte not really. And that you need to be big enough to benefit to make it worthwhile gold wise.

    Ee buying crystals to regen. If you like the ee wars, yes definitely worthwhile for the fun.

    Clan activities. Up to you entirely.
    Most clans have no requirement ( though there are a few exceptions )
    Just have fun.
    Low quality graphics. Yes but consider kaw this way.
    It's a social chat up with a game added on.
    You can meet people all over the world, you would never otherwise meet.
    You can chat for free with private messages and clan chat
  17. Sorry cut off
    So in short. The question is how many friends do you want to chat with. That's all free.

    Ebs attacking players and growth, beer money or more its up to you.
    You can play for free and have a lot of fun.
    Or you can pay to grow a lot faster. Totally up to you and how patient you are.

    Best of luck either way. And happy kawing.

  18. He calls a phone a handy and you are judhging his English. Find a new hobby
  19. I spend so that I can have xstals for war. There is a lot to do in kaw so whetheryou spend $1 or $1000 you should have no trouble finding a niche.
  20. The game's been around almost 6 years.. it would have never made it this far without those prices and the people who are willing to pay them.