wildertroy78 atack

Discussion in 'Wars' started by --vesta--, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. I hate to break it to you, but this is a war game. If you get hit then hit back. Don't go crying to WC or forums to get people to fight your battles.
  2. Igropecarebears= valiant knight try hard.
  3. Nah, squirt, he wouldn't tell you to
    If he was trying for vk.

    You're honestly just being an idiot. Did your mother seriously raise you like that?
  4. Why yes she did thanks for asking.
  5. IGCB.... totally love your post!! And op. pot up, or pin on eb till your war starts. At start of war pin your troops and steal all you can from lower members of other side. Have all clannies assassinate, find regen times and xstal then attk for all your worth, and good luck. Your gonna need it.
  6. Go gcp!!! Lol
  7. Now I want to attack you for being a crybaby, return hits and stuff being a little *****
  8. To OP, why are you starting a system war with your attacker? And you complain in forums you are being attacked repeatedly? Seriously . . . . what's up with that?
  9. Mith up pot up and beat him down
  10. Lmfao! just crystals or selfpin oh man :lol:
  11. pritty shore he was tiping basick English
  12. He's a noob eb fairy ill help you OP I hate bullies
  13. You wanna attack this eb fairy IT HITS BACK!! Check your news feeds
  14. I never get my own threads:(
  15. This is why I miss IGCB...
  16. I'd rather pin you for a while tbh.
  17. igcb is a fantastic forumer, IMHO
  18. Kin Try and put up some If it pots
    And your clan is in war Post your incoming hits in clan chat Let your clan know that the guy is pining and that you can't defend maybe another member can divert his attention from you but now that you posted this thread probably not best of luck to you in your clan
  19. Wildertroy78 is a farmer he will hit u for life quit ur crying and suck it up and fight like a man don't 