Widespread panic strip

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  1. As i stated above like a moth to a flame princessGlitterFluffyBunny was previously called Darth-Vader . It's you rogue-vader on princessGlitterFluffyBunny pretending to be Troll-Machine.
  2. looooool you thought you were smart but you got out smarted :lol:
  4. Sorry TheRealDmc i know you was trying to cover for Warlor rogue-vader being exposed as being PrincessGlitterFluffyBunny.But i dont need to edit or lie about any screenshot.it was genuine and not tampered with in the slightest .Everyone can judge for themselves and view the original thread
  5. ^^^ Roni On you like white on rice
  8. But u also have to realize that each xtal for someone BC is around 30T on double crux during promo. So if the rumored 30Q strip was done, that's 1000 xtals and at least 500USD gone...
  9. [title=white+black]it looks as though he's quit, name change, moved to dead clan, sitting idle for days

    Only 750T gold in 3 hrs then no eb for days[/title]

  10. I honestly don't care. I just find it funny watching this all play out. 
  11. Is pretty hard when u don't have real friends no one help you or protect you but that we doit to our self if you been a bad person,rude etc.etc.etc that's how you end up lonely so lonely in the shadows i don't know why he got strip but it happen don't quit the game don't be a loser man up an continue playing every week has a Sunday an your Sunday will come.
  12. Why was he stripped?
  13. I wonder if my alt has posted on this thread yet :)