Widespread panic strip

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  1. I've hit many ebs with him/her. I hope widespread is alright. Please wish widespread the best of luck.

  2. Who cares, barely anyone plays this game these days. And those that do certainly don't take it serious.
  3. How about you post with your main instead of creating a new account?
  4. When people get that big they make so much gold per day, strips don't even matter, making 100T a day and nothing to spend it on but allies
  5. yea but if ya strip there allies they cant make that gold hommie
  6. Nobody can take anything away from Widespread Panic. He has already rocketed all the way up to the top as V.i.P on the Leaderboard across all the catergarys for years.Jealousy gets under peoples skins that they want to be where you are and acceive what you have earned through sheer hard work , time and some money in the process. He is already a inspiration to many that if you have a dream and goal you can acceive it .There will alway's be vultures lurking in the shadows in envy . But he will always be a champion and Kaw legend no matter what.
  7. Except all those spending thousands 
  9. He could bounce back in couple months if he wanted to

  10. Acceive isn't even a word fool. Using it twice doesn't make it any better.
  11. But you are good with catergarys there Mr Spell Check?
  12. Only fool is you princessGlitterFluffyBunny aka Darth-Vader.You aint Troll-MaChiNe so dont even pretend that you are.
  14. Bounce back with 4 gold crux?
  15. Lol, black Friday is coming @chubby
  16. So he needs to spend a lot to be where we was... succesful if you ask me about the strip. Btw he's back on overall lb because of his size/BW... amie_angel was sitting top 10 with 13 allies before new lands.... the overall lb is not a good representation.
  17. Roni roni osw phony
  18. Like a moth to a flame. I knew PrincessGlitterFluffy was you rogue-vader. i said it was you on princess account yesterday to a friend.it was previously called Darth-Vader. How pathetic you are to pretend you are Troll-Machine.

  19. I think you are a little bit high and feeling extra attention seeking today. I do know this bunny you speaketh of and his alt that you as usual mistaken the name of ...but roni knows everything. As for troll he's retired and happily playing some wizardry app ....I can't think of the name at this time ...I played it once wasn't that great ...but I digress...roni a as always hasn't a clue