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  1. [​IMG]

    For Every. Single. Action. 500 times. Just why?!

    My phone isn't that bad but neither the game app can keep up correctly with the counter. It is a very bad way of updating the player about the progress on these quests!
  2. 100% AGREE! Damn drop down msg covers important information and is nothing but annoying. PLEASE make it go away!
  3. Swipe the counter to the left or right. Seems to fix it my end.
  4. It also has the possibility of making some individuals sick.
  5. Yup that dropdown bow is a pain in the arse move it to like the corner or someplace that's not in the way ✌
  6. Box 👆
  7. It's worse for when it's a pvp actions counter, and even worse when ur warring since it blocks the bar