Why women live longer than men?

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  2. *6,000
  3. Depends on whether you believe in carbon dating or dates given in the bible...
  4. ....seriously
  5. Married man live longer than a single man. So your argument is invalid.
  6. because married men eat real food, not fast food xD
  7. Maybe you're right 
  8. Funny thread 
  9. Yay a devouring thread. I know these are always good for my amusement
  10. Lmao what?
  11. He is a wizard Harry
  12. No he is a Harry wizard.
  13. Because of ladders?
  14. Yeah and single men who own dogs live longer then single men who don't own dogs
  15. Lol. Now that's logic.
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    11th Commandment-
  17. That only cuz they stop us from doing dum things. But cause The rest to happen
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