why veritas and kofte strip random small guys

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  1. Calling people spineless is NOT immoral. Lol.
    Btw, I think you’re spineless too. 
  2. Fist to all veritas and kofte
  3. your nemesis goddess of balance and returbution... need balance not only hitting bigs and if they hit you revenge and hit back ;)
  4. Kofte vertais strip me
  5. It’s what apoc is known for kotfe motto was we bully the weak reason afterlife and invictus has spent years in osw with apoc and wdgaf because of their bullying tactics and will never stop and now dem has entered and as well fighting them!!
  6. Practice an it's free, this thread jus gonna make all the wanna be's Target you in hopes for a thread to Big Facts
  7. Noob
  8. Musang is 100% right
  9. Veritas is so mean 
  10. Yeah they kicked me for no reason

  11. Still waiting on any inc from your clan 
  12. Kotfe have always picked low hanging fruit. They’re back down from real challenges and instead go for the easy prey.
  13. I think stripping & getting stripped is very cool. I’ve been in an OSW w/ some losers for as long as I can remember. At least -Veritas- & KOTFE showed you some love. Now pay it forward & go strip some loser from clan resilience. They cry hard. Real hard.
  14. You should do more important things...like try to figure out why your leaders’ main accounts were permanently banned.
  15. You would know something about those issues eh reggybaby?
  16. Go sling your crap elsewhere
  17. Be more specific lil man!
  18. She’s a bully ball gag her
  19. Someone get a box of tissues for them please
  20. Well we all know the answer to that don't we