why veritas and kofte strip random small guys

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  1. Hi everyone. I've just ben stripped by this useless alliance for no reason. They are bullies we should all gather and front them so they get what they deaserve.
    Plz if u have been targeted by them with no reason post here.
    And for all these bullies that will post here each word u write u get my fist u know where!!
  2. Deserve*
  3. wait what I missed?
  4. Fist and more fists
  5. Why are you so mean? You have hate in your heart let it out
  6. So mean tho ;(
    But so is telling someone to hurt their own family so tbh... I’d say you very much deserved it. Stop whining.
  7. That's what u guys should all do and this game will be much better
  8. No thank you. Thanks for your opinion though. :)
  9. I got randomly stripped by kotfe in 2010 while I was at church :cry:

    :lol: true story though.

    Also: friendly reminder to keep comments clean/don't bypass/don't wish physical harm on other players/don't make indecent public accusations.
  10. Can I have your charms?
  11. If you play KaW while you’re doing a bog you can probably avoid being stripped
  12. Kaw is a War Game, I've been stripped a Few times  the best strip was WDGAF. Lucky I transfered all my allies to an alt except 1. I Lost a Massive half a trillion ally and watched the non stop inc. I am not gonna name and shame... beside I think I hit them first.

    Save up Bars and return hits. If You do not wish to be hit perhaps contact allience owners/admin and request CF.

    So many Massive strips happen in kaw I mean Q'S taken in leas than ten mins.
  13. Hahaha!! Excellence. KotFE stripping because something immoral was said? I wonder, when their own members say the most despicable things... what do they do about them?
    Nothing. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  14. Hahaha!! Ash thinking she knows it all again. Did I say that was the reason? I definitely do not recall saying that. And was that the reason... no it was not. And was it even KotFE? Again... no it was not. But please, continue thinking you know it all, It’s amusing. 
  15. You probably hire bulk ally with the same price range from someone. Not knowingly the account their enemy or their account who got hit. Best to avoid hiring in bulk. Also avoid hiring ally that their clan mate. That shouldn’t be done this days but apparently I see them on some banner
  16. And yet calling people spineless is very moral. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  17. What is morality in these times? The morality that I know has been flushed with this generation. Sad days....

  18. Kofte should strip my allies
  19. Who cares and not the point, LadyFake.
    You said he deserved it based on something he said. Fact.
    Did KotFE steal the strip? Provide funds? Or maybe even hire? You did one of those three things at least.
    As usual, you try to let others take credit yet still make judgement calls:) I hope “Veritas” strips your immoral piece of garbage members too for being so... “mean”.