Why the same event again?

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  1. Every game has spenders they get more than everyone else thats the way it goes.
  2. How could I be so blind? The best things in world are played for. I'll let my kids know they aren't eating tonight cus I have to pay to win an otherwise free game 
  3. ^Don't pay then. You'll still get stuff. Albeit less stuff than the guy who payed $300, but one would assume that's how it should go.

    Yes, this event is terribly repetitive. Yes, I'd like something else. Yes, I'd like other improvements. Hike up lower tier EB payouts and pvp payout, advertise for the game, listen to players, fix the hit ranges, etc. And yes, they've taken forever, and a day to do anything.

    But it IS free stuff... Btw, post #777.
  4. C'mon bro now ur being silly 
  5. Sadly there are people out there who get addicted so badly they spend money they shouldnt and end up being unable to afford bills irl
  6. That happens in many facets of life.
    Booze n smokes n other poor choices over the day 2 day needs for example let alone junk food n killing ourselves slowly.
  7. It's not the envious of spenders.
    It's the equality of the game that's been lost.

    Ee players fault on xtals so ignoring that.

    Events vs old ebs.
    Equipment used to be free for all from ebs. With just time or luck.
    The game had balance on equipment and it didnt go too far over powered with it.

    Xtals and nobs accelerated growth. Fair enough pay for stats no problem.

    That cm be matched with time and effort. Still a balance of sorts.

    Now it's endless growing so the balance has been lost.
    The event equipment is now so overpowered and pay to obtain that it unbalances kaw so that there is a very definitive difference in power. Those who pay enough can never be matched with time or skill.
    They are arrow proof essentially in a war game.

    Equipment should never have been made pay to obtain, to keep balance. Growth of stats and pay for advance was always and is still enough benefit.

    Tho other problem I hear a lot is that as people see more pay to obtain exclusive equipment it actually puts players off spending as the devs are perceived to be greedy.

    My generation especially. We remember gran turismo and 500 cars. More content for free to outperform the rivals.
    Content sells, pay for additions deter game spending across a broader spectrum.
    A few shall spend hugely.
    But many more wont spend as much as they may have otherwise.

    An example of today's philosophy is look at Disney infinity. ( yes sorry it's bad but )
    Characters an incentive to buy the game.
    Heck no. You have to pay for each character separately. £500 pounds just for wave 1 and 2.
    You can buy a console for that. And ten years ago they would have given you more characters for free to get you to buy the game.

    Xtals and seals are where the spending should have stayed.
    Now for one hte it's xtals seal and chests plus plunder spells etc. far too much over kill.