Why the same event again?

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  1. This Farmer's Journey continue with the same ebs to hit and PvP but different,equipments, awards. Developers now lack of ideas- i think... In Forums have a lot of ideas for new events but unfortunately... Our devs is ego, they doesnt want to develop our ideas into a new event that better than this stupid new events ... If this still going on like this. KAW maybe will dead like other ata games.
  2. They are using event to basically get people a new full set of equip. Id expect to see the next event have weapons as prizes
  3. Because this game is going down the tube. Devs want an early retirement
  4. False the add to the story for the 10 people who care to read
  5. Im proud to be apart of the list
  6. Do you do ebs'? If so its basically free prizes. Get over it. If you dont like it dont do it.
  7. Every epic battle has its own story, its own prizes. Past hunts had their own stories but little prizes. Now these hunts are better because we could be in part 4 or 6 getting even more equipment to match the story
  9. It bascially is giving away free war equipment :| with no season five on the near horizon
  10. Found it easier when you just had to collect one item or do PvP which dropped a lot more.
  11. You can't add much to a tap tap game
  12. Think it's funny when people say it's free stuff. Go look at event lb and tell me it's free
  13. so people pay to get more stuff, so what? the stuff you get is free.
  14. if it were one item most clans would just keep running their normal ebs, not much of an event right?
  15. I'll go back to my corner and watch this game die have fun you smucks
  16. The less time they spend creating new events the more time they probably spend on other things...

    These regurgitated events are probably a lot easier than starting new types.
  17. Does anyone care about a backstory.
    Those that care about the event only care about rewards. Certainly not any made up back story.
    Those who don't care, don't care.
    So devs may as well do farmers market 100 times. It's just a name for any event promo that reduces the desire to spend.
    Equip used to be free. Now it's pay to get is far more an issue
  18. These events are going to be with kaw for the rest of its existence. get used to the idea that they will become as repetitive as epic battles.
  19. Idk about some ppl predicting a game dying but I'm sure that they know not much about a business.
    Take your crystal ball in drop it off the top floor n smash it.
    As for ppl envious of the spenders too bad.