why the hate towards system wars?

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  1. I get that people prefer the new wars and OSWs, but why is there so much hate towards a good old fashioned 48 hour war? I think a lot of OSWs would be better ended in a system war. Winner gets bragging rights and there is a clear marker of the "better" clan.

    So- why do you hate system wars?
  2. Not only did I not notice T. Rex's thread about system wars from the 25th, but I also apparently commented on it and have no recollection of this.

    Which leads to the bigger question of how long have I been kawing in my sleep? 
  3. Hmm how long do u sleep?
  4. Because the point of OSW is to mostly cripple your enemy by keeping them pinned for weeks and weeks and by stripping them. How are you gonna strip in a 48 hour war where they will most likely be awake.
  5. Because no one stays up 48 hours straight.
  6. System wars are fun! i did one recently just to do it again(been 2 years for me). And it was a lot more entertaining then most of you would think. And as far as non stripping goes it is extremely easy to strip if you know what you are doing.

    And no you don't have to stay up 48 hours straight. An experienced war clan can have shifts in war such as we did in able to hit enemies all 24 hours...
  7. 48 hours*
  8. No thnx, but ty for the offer :lol:
  9. Plunder wars. 'Nuf said
  10. i always prefer osw. more action imo.
  11. Osw is about propaganda and the appearance of winning
    Large family clans opt for a quiet exit ...er I mean a mutual CF when things arnt going their way... erm... are boring*
    There is no Official win / loss recorded for OSW for the victor writes the history books.
  12. no mith in either smh...ee FTW :D
  13. You did comment on my thread... That's funny lol