Why smalls should drop flails on new EB

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by __INVISIBLE__, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. For me, one xtal on NK during 50% promo pays around 10T, which sounds pretty good. One xtal costs 10 nobs so it’s around 1T per nob

    When I drop a flail on diabolical and hit around 100 items I get a 20T end bonus with minimal hits from atk and assn. This is 10 nobs for 20T which is 2x better than hitting NK during promo. Sooo smalls and mids who don’t make that much from xtals, y’all should drop flails
  2. It was said in event thread that (paraphrased) diabolical is about 1/4 the cost of nk, and about half the length. So if they paid exactly the same, yep diabolical is about 2x better.

    It pays about as well as nk for me, with better end payout (or even a little better I think, but I haven't hit nk in 400mcs to compare to). Definitely worth the crooks IMO.

    Lower tiers are definitely rather shorter than dia, so not quite *as* good relative to nk, but for the prices I think are still quite decent compared to hte and zta. Pay per hit especially. Again, all opinion
  3. I am also impressed with the new eb. Great plunder and 10 Nobs are worth the return.
  4. Contrary to what mods may say, no amount of money regardless of how little is worth spending on a tap tap game. Buying nobs to hit eb is never going to be worth it
    Nobs from quests seems like a good exchange for the eb

    That being said, it is a persons right to do as they please with the money they earn no matter how dumb that may be

    Bad behaviour encourages bad behaviour
  5. baD bEhaVIouR enCouRaGeS baD BeHAViour
  6. No new ebs yet but soon to be out when I turn 99.