Why should players not be allowed to war on PC?

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  1. Been seeing this topic bump up on every other forum thread lately, and it just makes zero sense.

    1.Pc is faster than phone in wars. End of story. It doesnt need to involve any cheating whatsoever. Theres a speedbump on kaw to stop players with incredibly fast connection from unloading too fast, so people saying people unload in 2 seconds by going on pc are just lying.

    2. Vros is gone. There aren't any known scripters still doing lowland wars.

    3. The argument generally is "Im slow, so stop everyone who is faster from being fast so I dont look like a noob"
    Just, come on.. People getting on pc and spamming their ass out for an hour should be rewarded for it. Not punished.

    Lastly, cheating is NOT in the ee section of the game anymore. Its in every major OSW clan and used by almost every ally lb. Yes, strip protection bots. Nuff said.
  2. Support however OP has never used a PC, wars on a rustbucket
  3. PC gives an unfair advantage over the majority of players who have device access.

    Why would people bother warring when they continually will be called a leak, or berated for being slow or not rostered on clan wars unless they war on a pc

    ^^ thats when participation started going down even more than ever before.





  4. Same argument here, "im bad. Pls stop everyone better."
    Pc warring has always been a thing. Its not whats killing wars.
  5. Then how about they allow you to war and remove the space bar spam.

  6. War participation actually plummeted after devs removed the exclusive war equip for t100,t50,t10. PC always been the faster option but not the most advantageous, news feed is delayed by about 10-15sec on PC whereas its instant on devices.
  7. Accusing someone to script is against ToU. #TrustNo1InVro
  8. I didnt accuse any particular person? Also, amazing how you can fit 3 grammar errors into one sentence.
  9. 1. I believe you are more intelligent than this.

    2. There is no way to actually prove this because it is a correlative watson assumption.

    3. Why do i feel like you have a hidden agenda because of 1-2?

    4. Here's my best hypothesis:
    Warring started dropping when kaw population started dropping.

    Why did kaw population start dropping?
    Because it was no longer a game that targeted the middle class aka the biggest part of it's populus.

    What do I mean by targeted? And How was it no longer a game that targeted the middle class?
    What i mean by targeted is simply that the devs no longer were rolling out content or maintaining content that allowed the middle class/people with average income and time to keep up with the big spenders or people with a lot of time and obsession with kaw.

    The biggest boom in warring on kaw happened when? When a small clan of worms with a guy named val figured out that you could smash other clans with guild hansels and later, shadow hansels in war for valuable equipment.

    Why did this end?
    The devs successfully figured out how to stop such "exploits" which allowed the middle class players to compete with low stated/low maintenance accounts.
    By introducing lands which gave a massive stat increase and a much higher cost they took shots at the middle class kawer. Your bfe was now worthless, and bfa only helped if you were bc, or were small and had a mother ton of it! You could only carry indi war for the smallest bracket. SoS builds, or any kind of account lacking BC or close to BC were now much less viable and could not compete with people who had enough time or money to BC on these new insanely huge BC accounts.

    Another reason:
    Events and their equipment also killed the middle class kawer as they could no longer compete for the "best equipment" without having to get divorces in their RL marriages.
  10. Mint is right in the fact that when devs took away the t100, t50, t10 equip from wars, it completely killed wars. Wars are dying real real quick, just a couple weeks ago there were 6 indi matches during the 10pm est war, last night there were 3. And for LL it's even worse, there's 1-2 wars per LL and even FFA LL clans are dead. The only reason people war now is for fun, because somehow atleast for me it still is fun. It's great to wreck people in indi and be wr1 (not that I have done that in the past few months since becoming a fairy) but Ik the feeling. I don't know why people keep making war threads when it's obvious the devs aren't looking to fix wars, not having a season 7 this summer is just proof of that. And phone users aren't at a disadvantage, download Puffin on ur phone and u can dump troops in 2-3 sec, I personally can do 4 hit per sec with it when I spam tf out of it, and a lot of you could too. Idk what else to say other than the devs are really killing wars and eliminating the use of pc by making legends and charms and such for phones only.
    My thoughts️
  11. I would not use puffin for kaw one is a horrible way to play not talking about the fact your phone is only viewing a screen that's on a computer in who know what country's. (cough making it look like account sharing)
  12. They need to bring back motley Crüe. That was always a good option
  13. This guy lmfao he won an asw and thinks he can war ty for the fails bud and ty for been butt hurt after been caught leeching on an nk train 
  14. Wow someone's salty over a few love tapsfunny that u try calling me out for failing when I only failed 1 stl while the only inc u gave me was 2 failed att and 2 success, pathetic. Also this forum is about wars, if you want to keep crying about my leeching a nk train on an alt then feel free to fill my nf with more fail attks :)
  15. I posted this on the another war thread. Just my two cents. ✌️
    I'm all for warring on a PC because it's easier for me to do so, but the variety of unfair applications that some PC players use makes for an unfair playground.

    If ATA actually did something about the rampant 3rd party application use on PC, it'd make sense.

    Please note that I don't have a problem with PC players being faster than players on a mobile device. A PC does let you spam faster, but the unfettered unmonitored use of other applications in wars on the PC needs to be fixed.

  17. You can't say it with 100% certainty that no one cheats anymore.
    Has it reduced? Duh, obviously. The main reason being because there is nothing to compete for anymore. No war equipment. This being the key point. It hasn't reduced because the devs happened to do something to stop it.

    The reason why you don't have many dedicated LL clans chasing wars right now is because the devs removed war equipment.

    Maybe instead of vehemently denying the possibilities of 3rd party app abuse on the PC, one should push for stringent screening by the Devs to eliminate it.

    We both know at the height of the LL war script use, the devs didn't do much about it. Not as much as one would have expected them to. Kinda why it continued for a long time.

    Bring back war equipment and something to compete over and you'll see the return of the abovementioned scripts etc.

    To reiterate, I have no issues with the legitimate use of PC for wars.
    I'm not complaining saying that you shouldn't be able to war on a PC. I've done 95% of my wars from a PC. I'm not complaining either with PCs offering more speed in wars that a mobile device.
    All I'm saying is that the devs need to have a better screening process to near eliminate the possible use of scripts from a PC.
  18. Of course i cant be 100% certain. But you can say that for anything. Are you 100% certain the tooth fairy doesnt exist? But i havent encountered any for a while.

    And yes, devs are trying to kill off wars. I know that. The community just feeds this dying more by not warring/complaining about pc usage and so on.

    Removing pc warring wouldnt stop scripters. Not in the slightest. Would only make the gap between scripters and legit players bigger. A legit clan can still beat a clan of scripters, but not if they all have to sit on a slow phone.

    Devs won't fix wars. It sucks, but its the way it is. Lowland wars are still viable, but only about 40 players actually take the time to war. Would encourage more to war rather than cry about pc players.
  19. Actually, the fact that you’re bashing me because english is my second language gives a good idea where your intelligence is, which is probably low, but also proves you already lost the argument before anything. Using personnal attacks on someone indicates the inferiority of knowledge on the topic. In this case you’re going after me instead of what I’ve said. The fact that I can still talk in english and have a rationnal judgement on you shows you should leave it be and accept the fact you’re accusing Vro by saying there’s no more script, it gives a direct relation between x and y.

    Have a good day,
  20. Rekt with the truth