Why retirement threads mean squat.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by eddzie, May 21, 2015.

  1. DISCLAIMER:My whole entire point is based on opinion, if you don't like it you could just leave.

    Alright, so you've decided you've played 5 months of kingdoms at epic battles and you made 4 or 5 friends while waiting to unload again on an epic that literally does nothing back to you, BUT! You are getting bored and decide it's time to retire!

    We get it, all the kawcain and what not about a very social experience and how great you feel when you play(I don't get it but ok...)

    For the love of God, the vast majority of the forums don't care you are leaving. The vast majority of the player base in general don't care either. If you are retiring and you feel someone should know! WALL or pm them (ITS USED FOR MORE THAN PICKING UP LADIES GUYS!)

    If you truly think someone will be moved enough that you are retiring you could always find another way to talk to them and at least give them the courtesy of a personal announcement!

    It's kind of shallow that you as one player post a forum publicly to get a couple wall posts saying "hope you have fun in RL" when we all know it's hollow and they really don't care!

    TLDR;Rant about retirement threads. No one cares :)

    Btw, I'm retired now one less 5 year. Rip build! Keep er easy freaks!
  2. AgreeStop making retirement threads.
  3. I think, in a way, this is a retirement thread...
  4. I have like... 3 from 2010 onwards

  5. So why are u complaining about retirement threads?
  6. we dont care that you dont care about us not caring about the retirement threads
  7. You know, sounds like you are one of the main offenders of this trend.
  8. Stuff happens, it was a while ago.
  9. ladyboys?
  10. Dam eddZie I'm surprised you still have a heartbeat you old dinosaur. Lol
  11. So because you tried and failed, you want to stop others?

    Me personally haven't seen one for ages you're causing crap over nothing, if you do not care there's plenty of other crappy threads in active topics to put your head to.

    But seriously hypocrite much 
  12. Its not that big of a deal, if you don't like them don't read them. Its a simple concept. A retirement thread is meant to address a lot of people all at once. Whether it be clan mates, friends, or even enemies.
  13. Yeah some people just can't quit. No matter how much they rant on about leaving and being "retired" when they're in pressured situations.. :roll:
  14. My opinion. If someone wants to post a retirement thread. Why not let them enjoy the freedom of speech they have here.
    Hopefully we can get some decent farewells with interesting stories.
    Ok some are low effort. But others are cool.
    So quit moaning about what others do and let people say goodbye in peace. After all if you don't like their thread. You could just leave it. 
    But as I said. That's just my opinion.
  15. Wait I don't get u are saying stop retirement threads when technically this is a retirement Thread so u are a bit of a hypocrite
  16. i agree but at the same time i think you should go get a life. just dont read them dumby
  17. #TrollsonTrolls
  18. ? My mind is pretty weak when it comes to trolls....

    And also what if someone who will retire is a mod or a vk who had a lot of friends? (like clanmates, just met from wars, just passed by, they helped, their follower, their supporter, their forgotten friends, etc.)
  19. There are obviously exceptions to large community members such as mods and VK's. But most people are smaller than they think. So who's usually boost them.