why not reduce eb startup time to max 5 minutes?

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by DanDokanja, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. why not reduce eb startup time to max 5 minutes?
  2. Because the plunder spells and br would last longer. They want as much as they can. But I agree start times should be instant.
  3. I think it's for a small regen period
  4. I'm willing to pay for a faster start time ...like a spell for 20 nobs or something. Do crowd funding deal like on ZTA everyone in clan chips in.
  5. Personally I feel like the 15 min startup is fine however if people are willing to pay for it then sure I see no reason why the startup could be shortened/skipped.
  6. It would make ATA hella lot more money lol

    ....maybe make cost for HTE & ZTA startup time more and a cheap ass spell for t1-t3 EBs
    so as to control inflation a little and lessen advantage for big spenders

    20 nobs for t1-t3

    and something more then 59 nobs for HTE & ZTA
  7. Or hell just reduce startup times for t1-t3 permanently without spells ...keep it at 15min for bigger EBs 
  8. I like and dislike the idea of lower tier ebs being shorter.

    While it's a good way for active starter clans to get people starting quicker there is also the smaller amount of regen provided by there being a shorter starting time. This could be a problem for less active clans but overall I think it would be positive.
  9. Lesser active clans or clans with small rosters SHOULD be at a disadvantage ...this would probably help eliminate some small shell clans and force new players to interact/join a bigger clan ...I see no disadvantage
  10. Make it free for t1-t3 EBs ...make the bigger ones pay for it (more then 59 nobs)