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  1. Only 1600 spots make good and 10k players apply. Why me no get a spot I'm more important than everyone else
  2. Silly moose ;)
  3. I was too small for 1st asw and on the 2nd one I was too late. But that was the way it was. Move on and be ready for next year. A few moaned but not a 1/4 of the crying and whining on here today. I'm guessing kaw just doesn't have the class of player it once did
  4. Moose because you are mossy lol
  5. Listen OP you didn't get into this years ASW, there's no point in annoying yourself further with this. The Devs aren't going to give in and give you a spot because you complain a lot.

    If you didn't sign up correctly its not the Devs fault, the majority did sign up using the right code or at the right time, why should someone that read the rules correctly be bumped because others signed up early or with the wrong code?
  6. Moose I am more important then you  congrats Don ! 
  7.  lol. I'm just your average moose 
  8. Lol I'm not complaint now I'm cool lol
  9. Should someone make an official ASW butthurt thread?
  10. How u can be good at war if u got trouble to type #ASW2012 on a wall ?
  11. I say yeah ! Carebear
  12. Master you have no idea what happened if you know any one complaining a bout this expect me ask them what happened they will tell you the history of it lol 
  13. I typed on the wall at the correct time as I ducked out at work do I could be ready. Kaw profile loaded and typed waiting for the clock to turn over. It did I applied and yet my name appears no where on the asw participants page.
  14. I didn't make the stat requirement again this year, but does it bother me? Honestly maybe a little, but I have no one to blame but myself. I only hope I make next years. Not for the shiny new badge, but for the opportunity to war against some of KaWs best.

    For those of you that did meet the requirement, and for whatever reason did not make the list, I feel for you. Like you, I would have been waiting to sign up at exactly the time the sign-ups opened. All I can say is better luck next year, and I hope to be warring with you then. Or against you :cool:

    Till then, Happy KaWing.
  15. I know more than a few guys on that list aren't even fully potted (I checked myself ). Point being, they shouldn't take the spot of anyone who prepared for this.
  16. Don't waste your real money on kaw. Dev won't listen anymore cause they have . While all the mod is in the Allstarwar and it just no fair because why cause we are nobody. Dev only give special privilege to all mod And big spender.