why it so hard to get or hardly every get battle equipments

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  1. why some peoples don't or take long time get any equipment or weapons and heels Sammie people gets and all ready have them repeatedly receive them
  2. Drops are randomized so it's really all just s matter of luck. I've had many times where the only person to get a drop is the guy who only has 1 action.
  3. Each successful action is like buying a lottery ticket for the chance of an equipment drop.
    The more tickets, the more chances. No guarantees, just chances.
    So one successful hit can score a drop, while 200 hits can get squat.

    It's the luck of the draw.

    The only thing I've found so far that can influence drop rates is Estoc Edge spells, which give a bonus to the chance of a drop.

    Hope this helps. :)

    Edit: Unlocks seem to have a higher drop rate as well.
  4. I only use all of my soldiers and spies when I am in a hurry and then when I came back... Dadaaan! (This happened to me twice)
  5. That darn bow
  6. After that I can't have any equip from ebs except from events :(
  7. Wanna do the Macarena, OP?
  8. Equip drops (as well as scrolls?) from higher Tier ebs might still be dependent on a player's size.

    I remember that devs stated something in that direction when they introduced T6 or T7 ebs.

    You'd need to double check that with devs.

    Some drop rates honestly just suck. That TGL crossbow...