Why is new event so late?

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by MichaelJackson, Jan 8, 2018.

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  1. Why is new event so late? Even we can’t enchant last event’s equipment
  2. The devs are spending 95% of their time working on KoH they aint got time for this app
  3. Seperate dev team
  4. Hopefully they don’t neglect kaw. My game is still slow and screen layout is not matching my phone’s screen.

  5. "Hopefully they don't neglect kaw" ... 
  6. Is anyone else's Android device sometimes slow with KaW, and sometimes fast?
  7. I’m having this issue with my iPhone, it must be a server problem.
  8. If you think that you’re in denial.
  10. Nobody is in denial, how many people have told you there’s a separate dev team? Check there Instagram feed and discord chats, they literally are separate. If anything your in denial.
  11. So are the devs just twittling their thumbs for a week with no legends and no responding in forums just staring at a screen? Get real Yes man
  12. We already have plenty of mods Yes man don’t worry you wont be one you can stop acting like the devs are doing good in the game
  13. Then don’t play the game
  14. Yes Man!
  15. Shifter is right they don't have separate teams if you honestly think that they do could you please let us know where the kaw team is hiding?
  16. They all must be injured from their totally intense dodgeball match...
  17. There are crocodiles & hippos in denial...
  18. In response to slow load times - You are not alone. I'm experiencing a couple glitches with ios app.
    1) slow app loading times, up to 90-120 seconds.
    2) intermittent failures on the repeat button. a button that literally has one function.

    Support said they are aware of the slow loading issue.

    I and others have also experienced a bug with clan management where players are unable to leave a clan on their own.

    Happy kawing!
  19. Load time for KaW is insane on my iPhone 6 takes 2-3 minutes that’s if it doesn’t crash lol my new iPhone 8 isn’t that bad but still longer then another other app of my phone lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.