Why is KaW so hard to get back into?

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  1. It's a spenders game now. Starting in 2010 and on, you could get by and not spend too much while still having fun. Sure you weren't so big, but neither was most of the player base. Nowadays if you're not spending you can't have as much fun, period. It's why I come and go so often. Except when there's OSW. That's just fun.
  2. Buddy I did. I got perma silenced back in 2014 and quit for 3 years. Just recently got back again in Jan of this year and to answer your question there are a lot reasons why sometimes why this game isn't as fun as a it used to be and the biggest one is it was the people who made it fun to play this game. Sometimes it's patience and other times coming across nasty people with displaced aggression. They be bringing down the pain from home like vampires they feed off the people in the game.
  3. I feel the same, there used to be alot more players who were spending little bits here n there just to support kaw development as there was still competition for low spenders and free 2 play players. Adding hte made the game more serious n less at the same time, more so for spenders but less so for free 2 play/low spending players who began feeling overwhelmed by the higher spending pay 2 play competition. Alot of players including many in my kaw social circles quit playing alltogether or quit playing competively which took the fun out of the competition & many a clan chat. Alot of those players were war freaks & pvp die hards so it made development of war/pvp competitions even harder as numbers began to dwindle in these areas.
    I don't feel hooked like i once was, i no longer spend anything where once i spent $30-50 a week, i play for 6 mths or so then start getting bored & frustrated again n so drops my activity. been back at it for 4 mths now n starting to get over it again...especially with the latest release :(
  4. Are there any chill clans? I wanna retire from trying to grow.
  5. Like actual chill clans not just small ones lmao ?‍♂️
  6. Hardest part for me is the clans I really clicked with disbanded or grew way too much for me to rejoin and my equipment is so outdated I can't even indi/EE war anymore. All because I took a few years off to work on my personal problems and be successful in college.
  7. Start doing the events they can help yoi grow pretty fast if youre small
  8. That's what my brother was telling me. Hopefully that'll fix that problem, now to find a group I click with like my one ones.
  9. Well for a start try leaving the dead clan and join an active one growth is super fast and easy these days so growth will come easy u have just over 2k battle wins I have accounts 5k battle wins 40mill cs
  10. Actually growth has slowed overall when u factor in it used to take 1-2 yrs to bc for a non-paying player n like 4-12 months for a paying player whereas that's now never for a non-spender and atleast 10mths to 2 yrs for a spender so it takes infinitely longer for non-spenders & twice as long for spenders. Ppl like to ignore this when shiny things r thrown at them.
  11. Kaw has become a big dollar game for sure. I started playing right before they got rid of the reset bonuses. Then I lost my account and now I'm 5 or 6 yrs in and on my 5th account. I have never spent much but recently I've quit spending altogether because it's a waste of money if you aren't sinking hundreds. Devs have focused on making money instead of making the game more fun. The events pay good, yeah, but not good enough to compete with the majority of players. Even PVP sucks now. Been in osw since Feb of this year and that's lame too. Everyone focused on ebs for the events so they can have shiny new eq. I'll prob quit again soon for a while. I MISS YOU, KAW, WHERE DID YOU GO?