Why is KaW so hard to get back into?

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  1. I played for hours a day about a year and a half ago, was completely addicted.Then I got banned and didn't play for a few months. I've tried coming back multiple times but I just keep getting bored of it.
    I don't want to be the clichè guy saying "kaw just isn't the same anymore",

    i'm just wondering if any of you quit for awhile then came back and actually have been active since.
  2. I have-
    Most have-
    Kawcaine too strong-
  3. Wait a couple years then try it
  4. I recently came back. Still hard to put down :lol:
  5. I too have quit and come back and quit repeatedly for around 5 years now. For me, it's nostalgia which brings me back. It's hard to get back into because the game is simply mindless... tapping at an eb over and over until an event ends giving a ridiculous amount of gold. Then you upgrade, then you repeat. This process is just boring for me
  6. It's cus your so small, there's no incentive to play. Try doing EE wars naybe
  7. It's so hard to get into also
  8. Is that a Mali?
  9. ha... wassup bro
  10. It's nostalgia for me too. I come back wanting to be in my old clans with all my old friends that quit and realize kaw will never be the same again, then leave. plus the devs focus really isn't on kaw anymore.
  11. I actually just came back to KaW after being gone 2 years. The event that's going on is really helping me grow again
  12. I quit 6 months after running to many alts, got rip

    Came back played while

    Joined osw clan, major osw breaks out, kept me going few more years

    Was fun

    Still here
  13. For me, it was hard to get back into because it got a lot more complicated. Used to be a relatively small, fixed number of "things" to know to "master" the game. Builds, building stats, osf sources, simple set of items with basic uses, etc, etc. Now, there are dozens of ebs with several phases with several parts each, items do way more things, too many buildings and levels to try and memorize, events change things slightly every few weeks, tons and tons of equipment, several different types of wars (?), different types of PvP (normal vs events, for example).

    I like knowing what I'm doing, being very assured in my choices, knowing as much as I can. I like being good at things. That's why I excel in my rl jobs and whatnot, I work to be very good at what I do. So for me, KaW now is a lot of effort to get "good" at, for a taptap game that I want to play in my idletime. I don't have enough energy to put in to know everything, so it makes it less fun for me.

    And before anyone jumps on me for me thinking like that, I'm not going to defend what makes me happy. It is what it is, if you don't like it, you should reevaluate your decision of how much to care about internet strangers' perception of entertainment.
  14. Just started playing again after 2 years. I don't think I'll ever play 1-2 years straight ever again. It's just not that fun probably just monthly bursts
  15. Me too everytime it just gets stale,never been the same since i left to wait out a ban
  16. I've quit many times I only come back for the banter with other players. There's no way I'll ever be a big build because it's too much money and I don't have time. It's off-putting that the game allows players to get left behind so much.
  17. I'm only here for the memez
  18. Quit for the last 3 and a half years, I got back into it quick but so much as changed... I grew 20mcs in a week.. Whereas before it took forever for 1 mcs

    Too easy to grow now, too many events and things happening
  19. I've just logged on for first time this year. I kinda stopped playing last summer after starting in 2010 and to be honest have no real interest in the game anymore.

    It's way to much effort to be fun and the wars got boring.

    The kawCaine addiction has definitely gone.
  20. I feel exactly the same way.  Murphs where did you go?