Why is hlneo still on the LB?

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  1. It's been over a week since the massive strip that no one talked about. Since that time hlneo has not replaced BFA - only has 10.7T right now. Yet still sitting at #4 overall.

    At first I thought they might have a massive amount of charms that offset the need for large amounts of allies, but then I discovered I could scout hlneo but not any of the other top 10 ("you are too weak for this opponent"). So a difference in total strength exists.

    Also, hlneo is sitting in Gold Haven making gold (93T last eb alone), so where is this gold going if not into allies? Already BC. Just banking into sb?


  2. Must be banking into sb or just sitting with gold out
  3. It’s overall EB noob, which includes how many successful attacks she has, her price and other things.
  4. Who and why was hlneo stripped? I thought hlneo was no longer hlneo
  5. Potentially. I still think overall represents total strength / stats. Regarding price, hlneo is not on top 50 hire value, so only on BW LB representing historical eb activity. If BWs were so important, why isn't king3158 listed on overall LB? Because king is 3.6B cs.
  6. Must be an LB bug or something.
  7. It’s a she?
  8. Overall lb is very heavily based on battles won
  9. Allies doesnt really mean anything. I was ranked 1500 in alies and 8509 in value a few months back and I didnt even crack the top 10k overall. For some reason the out dated battle wins leaderboard is still in use and adds a lot to the overall lb.
  10. Are you dumb?
  11. Lb doesn't usually get updated daily anymore. Sometimes it takes a week or more to update, although usually not that long
  12. Look at her battles won, and then the person below her. Then lock this thread
  13. Things on kaw get updated still? 

    And yes, overall lb ranking is heavily based on battles won. Just to reiterate what everyone else has already said.
  14. How are you going to call someone dumb and not elaborate? You idiot.
  15. How are you going to call someone an idiot and not elaborate? You moron.

  16. Not even in top 50 for the others
  17. @superior, easy. By him not explaining why I’m dumb makes him an idiot. I explained why he’s an idiot. You must be an idiot too if you cant understand that. See I explained why you’re an idiot also. You probably didn’t understand that though because you’re an idiot.
  18. I've seen lb take 2 weeks to update
  19. Hlneo and Annabelle are two players that have been begging to be stripped for years now through their behaviour.
    Hlneo deserved every bit of that 65Q strip.

    I doubt any of us were surprised that Hlneo got stripped. Along with Anna, they have hoarded allies and rubbed many a player the wrong way. Anna nearly got stripped last year, expect her to get stripped eventually too. Players like them can't change their bullying behaviour regarding allies and more, Karma always gets ya. Annabelle, you're next :)
  20. You have no idea what you're talking about, please stay off forums until you are in a position to comment on stuff like this .