Why I love when Black Hand strips me

Discussion in 'Wars' started by BarbieFoundTheWhiskey, Nov 22, 2014.

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  1. Im the one true boots alt.
  2. no your not YA_death_FI your old screenname is duke_nukem .
  3. im not believeing you cookie no way can you or anyone 0'd her she's invincible !!! bootsy has a forcefield surrounding her kingdom and anyone that dares to launch a attack on it will be fast forwarded on a quick journey to meet our maker.well this is the story floating around kaw which has been forewarned to us by word of mouth . she is a kaw veteran and legend and has been gifted with super powers and skills that no one will ever be able to beat. but if this is soo . why is it her loses are rapidly rising .??
  4. Sinister deleted. Take some time off. That sort of personal attack is unacceptable.
  5. Support.
  6. Daphnia your so sweet banning me for 24 hours even though my comment wasn't bad
  7. Wow. Did you set your watch? This post was like 24 hours and 11 minutes later.

  8. My point proven willy 
  9. Willy as VK you should know to stay on topic. Tsk tsk
  10. @op
    Cf accepted.
  11. roni question which lillith.cause the real Lillith is Not holly. holly and Lillith are two diff ppl and lillith never hit roni lol so please for the love of god do not ever say holly and lillith in same sentence
  12. I have so much respect for you
  13. OUT_anarchy_LAW holly used to have her screenname as lillith/lilith before she changed it several times. maybe 2 different people but the same screenname she used
  14. It may have taken me 11 minutes to do the ban - between posting and then implementing.
  15. Yoohoo Daphie......
  17. Holly, like myself, has been thru several IGNs.
  18. Daphnia I feel that you banned me for no reason as I didn't break touthey were stars, seems like you as a forum mod shouldn't be doing favors for whiskey, did she give you fake gold to band me? What she do ? 2 times you have proven your helping hermmmhmm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.