Why have Xstal and Nob prices increased by 25%

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  2. I think it's hilarious that ATA is passing this off onto Apple, as if they have absolutely no power in this situation.
  3. Roflmao, this has nothing to do with topic for that i apologise but i just googled ata@work and read that page... im actually paying for you apes to do yoga??? I mean just em ah er wtf devs, im actually beginning to wonder how many of the community have read your web pages....
  4. 1$ now = £1 ....safe to say I won't spend any more money on this game.....thank God I stocked up on black Friday

    I encourage everyone to stop spending on this game.....it's slowly dying and won't be here much longer and we've just been shafted on exchange rates.

  5. A tz confirmation? Lol
  6. Its not the first time ATA has used this excuse to increase prices. They did the same to us Canadians. And to add insult in the beginning you would find out the pack instead of being 19.99 would now cost 27.99.

    I used to buy $25 play store card n could easily buy the 200nob or 32 xtal package.

    Which just goes to show ATA should review currency history n refund somebof our spent money from when Canadian dollar more than US. Which of course since its in their favor they won't.

    Lets face it they charge a premium for imaginery gains. Its the shell game all over.
  7. They don't
  8. It's just a tapping game. Like stop complaining about it. If you think it's unfair pricing then don't buy. This game will receive the same fate as future combat one of these days. Plus being a lb player doesn't really mean anything or having amazing Cs. I mean it's a phone game. No real life value to this game.
  9. Says the person that "stocked up"....hahahaha
  10. Exactly what I was gonna say :lol:
  11. I know they have no say, however

  12. Since they passed all the blame onto apple why not do the sensible thing and up the xtal purchase by the amount the price has gone up.... as I promise u the exchange rate between the U.K. And the USA is not 1.00
  13. I find it completely laughable that you brits expect ATA to change their sale platform because your government sucks at money.

    Your currency isnt worth as much anymore. Making other companies cater to you would work if you were speaking to them in more money.

    Why would they work at all to lose money?

    Would you? I highly doubt it, Mr. Frugal.
  14. Beside the point The exchange rate is not 1.00
  15. What Google Play Store has to do with the rules set by Apple yo?
  16. You don't need to make a new Apple ID. All is needed is to change the billing address on your Apple ID to a valid US address. But this is illegal. Basically you'd be needed to use someone else address.
  17. The "real reason" is Apple

  18. No they did that crao here in Canada awhile back on Android 2. Lower priced imaginery items equals more sales. $25 google card used to buy 200 nobs. Now its $27+
  19. I'd like to welcome the UK ppl to the "getting hosed" experience, enjoy it, as does everywhere bar the US
  20. Truth were seeing more & more corruption in the gaming industry. With games being partially released (Early Access & Day 1 DLC)

    Even AAA games released not working BF4 & Batman Arkham knight(pc). Poor optimisation. Why not? We can apologize later & release an update.

    Charge $ for virtual cash (GTA V). Or easy unlocks (Mortal kombat buy an easy fatality)

    So yes we need to expect simple skinned txt games like Kaw to be greedy.

    Yes maybe Apple has adjusted their prices; however Apple still only gets a small portion of what ATA charges like google.

    So what it comes down to is ATA should lower prices & get more volume in sales.

    But when you have morons with Platnum credit cards in the LB. We can't expect the Devs to snort in moderation.