Why dump PC Players ????

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  1. I know some players that bought a Kindle Fire (50$) for each alt. They say the Fire works fine and as a bonus, is easier to use than a phone and more portable than a PC (which I personally have never considered as portable but....)
  2. I dunno, my windows 98 pc is pretty portable. I stick it in a wheel barrow where I go
  3. I just wish my alt on PC could collect silver bars from events. That is all I want lol
  4. me too, not especially interested in the Legends as they seem to me to be recycled version of the original quests
  5. I understand the frustration, I play all of my accounts on PC all day during the work week. It's annoying to log in a home to start and collect legends. However, it is doable.

    For those that are truly PC only, rather than buying a kindle or new phone, etc, just hop on craigslist or ask friends if they have old iphones. I've got all my accounts on old phones and the iPhone 5 works great, gets all the updates and literally is free if you find people that have them. Everyone has upgraded to the 6 or 7 now and I know folks that seriously have 4-5 old phones from their wife/kids/etc that are just sitting in drawers. At worst, you can find them for sale on craigslist for like $10.

    Is it perfect? No, it'd be nicer to collect on PC (and transmute now too). But it works, you can at least get the stuff you should be getting.
  6. Support for Reine. Support for PC players. Please update for the PC players asap. Ty
  7. I have played kaw for over 6 years on my pc and never knew anything about cheatinng til reading some of these post but i think it is so unfair because as of now i no longer have access to my lands so i can not upgrade at all and if it does not get fixed it is no longer a game we with pc's can even play. and kaw will loose a lot of players because like me alot of people don't want to use there phone to play games. so with that said FIX IT SO I CAN ACCESS MY LANDS
  8. I agree with you. Dev need to do a better job before they release upgrades and changes. It seems they don't care about the player base. We all know that their customer support is by far the worst. Their response is well we are sorry even when they screw up they won't step up. Them not working on PC upgrades shows that they are removing resources to other areas and KaW is not a priority as it once was. It's now a "keep it stable" and collect cash. This has been proven by their attitude and refusal to market the game. They have been lucky since players on here are loyal to each other and spent thousands so they believe they are too far in to quit. It's not because they are loyal to KaW or it's an amazing game. I hope dev realize this and step up.
  9. I'm taking Eagle's advice and leaving kaw. Playing on another platform is not an option for me. I'll take my time, money and efforts some where else. Devs don't care about PC users.

  10. ...maybe hire a few more folks over there? Throw a couple more apes in the cage? jk (sorta) I was gonna say y'all can afford it been making an ass ton mula offa these folks but it's obvious not as many people play as they used to so I'm sure profits are way down. I'm sure this is also why KAW will never be available on a Windows phone.

    It's been suggested before but why don't you monkeys try to juice this thing up one more time before it dies altogether? Try some advertising ...get some new meat in here. Still a good game just need a new set of basement dwellers to mess with. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  11. forcing players who buy. device to get full experience is the worse thing
  12. Support for this thread,there are many pc players who do not have an extra device to log into.
    Devs have alienated many players with the introduction of a slightly childish interface.
    Are Android users the next to be cut off?
  13. I posted at the bottom of page 2.
  14. Mark, you've dropped pc. It hurts the pc users. Admit your error and fix it, or kiss a revenue stream goodbye.
  15. Top grossing is full of games without a PC version. Actually I'm not aware of any other mobile game with a PC version available. KaW can thrive without you just fine.
  16. ^I agree, you should be glad there even is a pc version.

    Not many games that start on smartphones have a pc version and I think it's smarter to focus on mobile regardless.

    If you want to play a PC game, you'd play something "hardcore".

    Who even plays a tap, tap game on a pc? ...And if you say EE

  17. There are many reasons to play on pc ... carpal tunnel syndrome, service celluar tower ip address banned (nothing to do with me or my account). So my options are to play on phone with numb hands and be far away from home.
  18. I believe your analysis was wrong. Sheer numbers whom are linked to a device but don't play on it is much higher. I use my phone for conference calls while playing on pc So that's two LB clans whom you have crippled that I know of by alienating thier leaders from the game - how long till those others in the clan quit?
  19. i have been a pc user for 6 years with 4 different accounts and my own clan and with the way things are now i can not access my lands to upgrade it says i have no equip nor any items or anything else all i am able to do is start and hit on ebs. someone said to change my browser to chrome as that is what they have and it works fine but that has always been my browser so it does not work fine.. so any other ideas so i can keep playing on my pc and keep my clan in tack and growing? i got one idea and that is fix what is broke before adding new things thanks
  20. You could use a emulator unless you're on kongregate.