why don't we have sound on android?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by __xXshyknightXx__, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Droid sucks
  2. Oh I hate iPhone and the iPad hate them a lot, I myself have an Android and I LOVE it! Just play your music player while on KaW. Have your favorite albums playing. Soundd way better trust me :lol:
  3. Why would you want the sound it's worse than elevator music 
  4. Bc the sound is annoying as **** 
  5. I have sound, here's how:
    Step 1: Have KaW on any android device and on an iPod touch.
    Step 2:Log onto kaw on both devices
    Step 3: Turn sound up all the way on the iPod and place it underneath your android device in your hand.
    Step 4: Play on your android and voila, you have sound
  6. Why cant we see images posted in forums on droid either??
  7. You can see images on Droid.... If you're referring to Emoji, the forums of KaW are powered by phpBB. ATA does not technically own the forums to make Emoji readable through devices
  8. I phone sucks!!!! go galaxy 4!!!!!!! :):):):):)
  9. In game music sucks. It sucks sooo bad, that devs didnt even bothered on androids.
  10. There's nothing wrong with elevator music. I'd make love to that music. I'd last much longer with the girl
  11. Close the thread moose
  12. Kaw is much better on Android than the Ios app. You can see regeneration time and troop/spy percentage while hitting EB. Much easier to navigate too.
  13. Devs please add sound for android