Why does the app take 350MB of space?

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  1. On the iPhone it takes 350 MB any way to decrease it? Ty
  2. Ok deleting and reinstalling did drop the app size to 100 MB
  3. Don't re-install and even more space...

    Size will grow as content and images download. Given it took years to get inventory purged of dead items I do not suspect there is any garbage collectors in KaW
  4. Really tho? If you feel like 300 mb is a lot of space then you should probably invest in a phone that wasn't made before 2001... what's wrong with you.
  5. You have some nerve coming all up in my favorite app forums to talk smack at your size. Delete rn or you'll pay life memory
  6. Kaw could take way less space but the way development works this days and how much stuff in kaw that sotra normal size
  7. The app itself takes 64mb of space the rest is documents and data.

    Documents and data are things such as pms and wall posts which are saved, removing some will free up some space. I clear out my pm’s every week to free up space.

    Data also relates to images that are saved and cached I do believe.
  8. I thought pms and wall posts were server side...welp I’m screwed I have every message ever in the history of ever saved
  9. I’ve noticed that my space frees up more when I delete pms and wall posts as I thought they were server side also honestly
  10. Google playstore and google services take up loads of memory. Ive been uninstalling the full version on both and just keeping the factory version .it free's up lots of memory when doing that but make sure you have the latest kaw update before uninstalling the latest versions of googleplay.Then sometimes i disable googleplay store on both because otherwise it automatically updates itself again and takes up any free memory again.Then your back to having none again.
  11. Or.. you know, get a decent SD card
  12. Legit the only reply you ever send in forums is that OP is small. Seriously lmao, just means he doesnt throw every penny he has on a dying game.
  13. I already have a good s.d card but still even chrome browser and whatsapp and line app take up a really lot of memory with each update .
  14. Isn't the memory thing just caching?

    I personally don't have memory issues with my phone because it's clean as a whistle but...

    If you have issues, surely you could clear your app cache every so often instead of having to clear wall posts and pms.

    Who would even do such a thing?

    I can barely keep track of people as is.
  15. I mean 300mb is a lot for an app like this. It's like finding out the safari app is 6gb
  16. It really is not tho.If you consider, all the graphics and images.Plus the conversations.
  17. Ive played games that look as good as ps3 games that take up like 700mb-1.5gb. 300mb is crazy for a game like this
  18. [/quote]
    Ive played games that look as good as ps3 games that take up like 700mb-1.5gb. 300mb is crazy for a game like this[/quote]

    Umm this game isn't 300mb but more like 64mb everything stuff as requested art down to Conversations get saved on her as anyone noticed the size of line mines over 3gb. Lol
  19. I do cause mods get tons of pms but I am lucky on wallposts though lol